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  1. Not sure if you got your answer yet, but that was not Lena's body. They used a body double and digitally patched Lena's face on the wider shots. (The close up shots were actually Lena and were shoulders up only). If you ask me this makes the scene even more impressive. Her contract specifically has no frontal nudity in it.
  2. lol you are basically asking for them to double the budget of the show, or otherwise half the quality of what they currently are producing.
  3. Agreed completely. The only caveat I would include is that when logic or in-show established character traits are pushed aside to accommodate the production it's frustrating. Examples of this for season 5: -Littlefinger not knowing Ramsey's nature and marring Sansa to him. -Jamie/Bronn expecting to smuggle myrcella out of dorne by themselves (and actually succeeding in breaking into the palace) -Ramsay, having little to no military experience, being able to sneak into and back out of Stannis' camp (I don't buy the whole "northerners know the land") -Jon coming back to Castle Black, seeing all the brothers hate him, but doesn't immediately tell them what happened at Hardhome in an effort to support his case. I understand shortcuts need to be made. I'm fine with truncating/condensing, but when logic is tossed aside it hurts what I feel is an otherwise great show.
  4. lol OK whatever helps you sleep at night. As long as its not a main character it's OK.
  5. For those still upset about the assault of women I'm waiting for them to give D&D credit for taking tysha out of the show... I mean GRRM only had her gang raped by 50 men and the only purpose was to serve Tyrion's story. But no, clearly D&D take it to a whole new level not seen in the books :rolleyes: Anyway this episode was just as solid for me on a rewatch... Its just great to finally see the WW in action. IMO this is something GRRM should have done a while ago. Instead we have dozens of chapters to memorize gibberish names in Mereen. And I feel no pain for George, hes sitting pretty raking in the $$ for the show, I doubt he's batting an eyelash at the changes to plot like many here are going crazy over lol.
  6. I have no idea why people are suspicious of him. If there is one thing this show does not do it is subtlety, so to think a man with a hood in the background will somehow be important to the scene seems silly to me.
  7. You're getting too technical here. The real issue is if Tyrion mentioned Aemon it would lead to confusion among unsullied/casual viewers. The majority of viewers don't know the exact relation between Aemon and Dany, they don't know Aemon's backstory, all they know is they watched him die last episode. To come back the very next episode and talk of him as Dany's "last living relative" would make unsullied/casuals think "wait... didn't he just die last week, or are they talking about someone else?" It was easier/makes more sense just not to mention him, the show asks too much of casual viewers already with the number of secondary and tertiary characters it mentions.
  8. This sounds good to me. I'll add that I still like the theory that's been floated that Arya will wind up in Oldtown with Sam.
  9. I think the point is that we the viewers couldnt tell the difference because we aren't trained, but the faceless men have so perfected the art that THEY can tell the difference even if its too subtle for anyone else. You are certainly entitled to your opinion. Battle scenes have been done in film for decades, so its kind of hard to coordinate a battle without doing something that has been done before. To me the execution and quality was great, top notch for any television show and that's what matters most. And it was great to actually see the walkers in action, something we still have yet to see in the books. It is necessary to make sure viewers know what the real threat is and this scene, especially the closing shot, establishes that perfectly. As far as why Jon didn't just flee, if you notice there is a pause just before he decides hold back the undead charge. I think he was weighing the decision in his mind and I loved that moment, because honestly I never bought into the wilding/NW alliance in the books. Here Jon made a conscious decision to prove to the wildings that they were in this together. If in that moment he turned around and left then what sort of alliance is that? The non-rowing rowboat was confusing but I think it was just to show the shock on the rowers' minds that they literally just saw thousands of dead raised.
  10. I have a feeling that in the books selmy will not live to see Tyrion and dany meet up. Something about that trio just doesn't seem to jive, like selmy would advise her to kill Tyrion and dany would trust his advice over tyrion's wit. So while it was sad to see selmy go I don't really think he could be there and have Tyrion there at the same time. It's like dany had a hole in her council for a wise person who knows westeros that Tyrion can now fill.
  11. agreed, I'm also wondering how such a plot would even be able to be revealed. I mean is a walker going to start talking and have a monologue while holding Jon hostage? Or is Sam going to find something in the library that indicates this? While it's a cool idea it doesn't seem like something that could ever be fully broached in a way that would make sense. It could be something that is hinted at but never truly revealed...
  12. lol yes I turned to my unsullied GF after that scene and giggled so much I wound up telling her Jon gets stabbed and ruining it for her lol. IMO this was the best episode since season 1. Hardhome was excellent, tyrion/dany was great and arya, cersei, Sansa were all on point. Only scene that didn't really fit was the Sam and olly scene but it served to remind/set up to Jon's expedition and more story for whatever olly does to Jon. Oh yeah and it gave the biggest foreshadowing in the history of foreshadowing. Really I'm so pumped after that hardhome scene I want to watch it again right now.
  13. lol fair enough although I don't think anyone is saying they are "entertained" by rape. Rather, they choose not to draw bigger conclusions about the show or our society outside of the narrative. Although I am still confused as to this notion that has been brought up by several people that D&D have "overused" rape. It's not like they're injecting it into every scene here.
  14. Agree to disagree on Sansa, imo shes no less developed now than she was in the books following Baelish's lead in the Vale, but maybe that's just my recollection. In fact I think there are several characters in the books that haven't necessarily grown or developed at all. Also with the necessity of storyline condensing in mind, Sansa's Vale material by itself doesn't provide enough room for other characters. I suppose they could have just not had her at all this season a la Bran. For sure there is/has been some filler that I don't like, but most of the material you bring up either didn't actually take up that much screen time- Greyssandei for all its hate has maybe consumed a total of 10 minutes of screen time these past 2 seasons or actually advanced a character's storyline in some way- you refer to Brienne as filler but in the show she has been more active with much less material than her book version; Jamie/Bronn has been condensed into Dorne, we may not like it but it would be difficult to find time to do both Dorne and Jamie's riverlands escapades without sacrificing other material.) IMO the only real egregius, nonsensical filler was the craster's material. It just plainly served little to no purpose at all.
  15. Ah fair enough, I kind of read it differently but maybe I'm way off (it wouldn't be the first time haha) Still the words "handsome young man" and the way he said it just made it seem like he was referring to someone else imo.
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