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  1. sry, i couldnt stand that Hollywood battle script with Bronn getting super powers plus loosing his self preserving senses.
  2. such a rushed and poorly executed plotline that doesnt even make sense beside providing a reason to give the Nights King a Dragon. so many carefully developed characters thrown away in the process. the whole expedition didnt make any sense at all (capturing a wight to convince Cersei? what on earth) if they somehow would have come up with he plan to kill the Nights King e.c.t it would have been a suicidal mission as well, but at least they would have had a target to aim for. this way Arya/Sansa was WAY overdone as well and i didnt buy it. i thought that after they couldnt refuse to script the Lannister/Dany battle with Bronn Super Hero like your 0815 hollywodd movie, that would be the new negative epidome of retardness after Porne plotline, but seems like the showrunners were able to fck it up better
  3. 2-3 just battles and bad acting, heck i even start to hate show-Tyrion. too much cringeworthy stuff anyways, also butchered story arcs
  4. Pomaxxx

    How would you rate episode 602?

    5/10 too much redundant, illogical or boring sequences (Boltons, KL, Sansa, Braavos) on the plus side, there was no Dorne involved.
  5. 2 i am done with this mediocre Hollywood show it turned into. also: are the people rating with 8/9/10 trolling or is this just the audience HBO wanted to have?
  6. omg, i almost puked, this was more than i can stomach. 1)Arya Braavos not even is she acting like the most obv and dumbest assassin in the world, but they swapped the NW bard with child-abusive Ser Merryn Trant? really? wow, who may guess what will happen next episode, eh. but wait, the Kindly Man will intervene, right, cuz he knows? uhm....yeah 2)Nights Watch well, there was an Olly scene once again, so ruined. thank god emo-Jon is acting like a cry baby for everyone to see. not that Jon isnt having self-doubts (again, he is kinda convinced what he does is for the better), but there is no way he acts like a 15yo maiden in those scenarios. Thorne on the other hand i feel it portrayed nicer than in the books. yeah, he seems to be a dick, but he is because he is 3)Meereen the worst. Daario behaving like a complete moron in front of everyone. and instead of poison (which isnt as obvious in the books at the very first glance) the sons of the harpy ...just attack? seriously? well thank god noone is there to protect but a like a dozen Unsullied...yeah. ruined it. but wait, eat ur retched meat again cuz u need more fuel for the next puke attack... DROGON FOR THE RESCUE....whoop, whoop. omg, really? instead of portraying him of a beast that needs taiming he defends his mother. well, thank god after the departure of Dany and Drogon now everyone else is getting killed by the sons of the harpy. 4)Dorne i have given up on that on, just crap. the only good sequence to me was Stannis /Shireen, yeah. cruel and mad, but the scene was ok. loved Stannis face. (ok, u got me. it was still trash because everything was cause by the 20 Bastard man killer commando) ALSO THX FOR THE BOOK SPOILERS D&D
  7. Pomaxxx

    [Poll] How would you rate episode 507?

    problem is, with some story acrs beeing crippled and twisted (Sansa, Bron+ Jaimie rescue brothers especially) forever, its tough to go from there. 6 or 7 is the max u can award here imo, even thought there was some good in it. thing is, my expectations are still high and i refuse to watch GoT as a 0815 mediocre hollywood trash series (even thought it turns more and more into that)
  8. the story arcs in Dorne and Winterfell arent just diverting from the books big time, the are written pretty poorly. 3/10