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  1. Well, we really can't speak for book!Bran because he is just starting to use his powers, there is no material for analysis. But show!Bran basically was transformed into a computer, so it is easier to dismiss "human flaws". I mean, he literally never USED his powers, just watched everything without moving a finger or compelling people. With one exception: when he told the cast that the Night King was coming to get HIM specifically. But that was a threat to all existence, so I think we can let it pass.
  2. D&D are not actually wrong here. Making Dany into a tyrant was not ludicrous. But the way and the speed they did was ludicrous. Dany turning against the smallfolk was uncalled for. That talk of "they chose to follow Cersei" is completely nonsense and completely out of nowhere. During the battle she could have fly straight to the RedKeep, there was absolutely no reason for her to target smallfolk FIRST and Cersei SECOND. The inverse could be tolerable, but the way they did was too contrived and artificial.
  3. Yes, it affected me negatively. My brain understands that GRRM version of this will be much better written and thought, with things like consequences, depth, coherence, gravity, wit and style. But a not so small part of me fear that it will not be enough for the ending. And a increasingly bigger part of me fears we will have no ending at all, with GRRM not finishing the last book.
  4. I'm a bit confused about Drogon. D&D made him use his fire breath twice. The first looked like a scream of rage/grief, he blasted the walls randomly. But then he stopped for a second, looked at the throne and then used the breath aimed at the thing. I'm confused if this is just a beast destroying the throne by coincidence or a thinking creature shouting in pain and then being logical enough to understand that what really killed Dany was her obsession with the throne, destroying it only then.
  5. This really pissed me off. They bring the character back only to use him as a step for this ridiculous character they call """"""Sansa"""""".
  6. So all we have read and watch is a slow slide from hereditary monarchy to elective monarchy. UTOPIAN SOCIETY ACHIEVED!
  7. Naath was ever mentioned on the show?
  8. Loved how they have put every single surviving character (except for Bronn, so apparently Horn Hill is the new seat of power of the Reach) as the "new lords of westeros" PLUS A FEW RANDOM GUYS to make a impression
  9. So apparently everyone knows about Bran powers and actually think they are pretty good. Very convenient. Amazing.
  10. It does not make sense to "CHOOSE FEAR" pointed towards the smallfolk before doing it against Cersei. By killing random people in the streets she is producing far less fear than she would by destroying the SEAT OF POWER with the queen inside. Let's get this straight... even if she wants to kill ONLY smallfolk and AS MANY AS SHE CAN... the Red Keep is the place where the majority of smallfolk are concentrated on the same place. We are shown this, waves of people seeking refuge withint the walls.... not all the population, but it is by far the single spot with the highest concentration. There is NO EXCUSE FOR DANY TO NOT GO STRAIGHT FOR THE RED KEEP!
  11. Oh god, the dialogues were all terrible. I'll go for a 3.
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