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  1. @franko99, From next weeks preview we might see more of the outside stuff (from Arya's viewpoint)
  2. eetrebor

    [Book Spoilers] EP305 Discussion

    Anybody else get extremely annoyed that people are complaning/ranting about the Loras betrothal(s) because they think he's in the Kingsguard? Its pretty amazing how some bookreaders just can't separate the two entities and continuities. They end up missing a lot.
  3. Exactly, here's the scene: http://youtu.be/h6aOZsJij2o?t=2m25s
  4. There has been plenty of context, Karstark himself has voiced disapproval (in season 2): There's also Catelyn reprimanding Robb last season and reminding him that he is breaking his vow with the Frey's.