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  1. 8/10 Pyp and Grenn dying was unpredictable but unwanted. Why kill my guys :( Tormunds' bear story getting cut off annoyed me as show tormund isn't the larger than life character he is in the books. He finally gets a chance to reveal one of his major lines which everyone remembers him for, and gets cut off. Slynt hiding was an excellent addition, i was afraid he was going to die before the "fetch me a block" Dolorous Edd needed some of his dry lines, was left lacking there. Allister thorne was great. The scythe was awesome. Shame they didnt use more mammoths/giants but alas I guess the budget wouldn't allow it No stannis! Also minor tidbit- Was that three fingered hobb being a bad ass in the kitchens (That little scene got me so giddy) but it seems people have glossed over the small clip of THREE FINGER HOBB! casually walking out the kitchens with his butcher knife and making wilding stew. One of the most bad ass bits of the episode in my opinion! I am not really a big fan of Jon Bradley (or of sam in general) but he shined tonight. As others have said anti-climatic ending, but i was engrossed in the episode all the way through. Sure i may be pointing out way more bad points then good, but it was an enjoyable episode.