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  1. Poor guy. Sean can't catch a break :crying:
  2. It is my second favourite film of 2014 so far (the first being Whiplash). Brendan Gleeson and really every other member in the cast is brilliant in it. Ireland looks beatiful, the film looks a lot more expenisve than you would think given the low budget. The drama is intense, but at the same time their is this great vein of dark humour running through the story. If you have any affinity with Ireland or the Catholic Church, the movie gets even better. Not to say that this movie has an overly religious message of course. Atheïsts and believers alike should love this film. Calvary does use a lot of symbolism related to the Passion. You can watch Calvary without that knowledge and it would still be great, but you'll get even more out of it if you're remotely familiar with it.
  3. The LC has all the same rights of a feudal Lord (except participating in war). If the LC wants to execute Theon for a crime or because he endangered the Watch (excuses can always be found), than he is absolutely able to chop of Theon's head.
  4. It are always the least deserving who get the prize I guess.
  5. Poor Emilia. The GoT-cast doesn't seem to catch a break. Kit in Pompei, Emilia in Terminator and Richard in Cinderella what dreadful movies are they forced to play in. Alfie has had the best role so far, as one of the antagonists in John Wick (awesome movie).
  6. As a fan of the Room, I like my trashy movies as ridiculous as possible :D At least I can laugh at the abysmal story/acting/etc. that way :)
  7. Triassic attack was a bad movie, but it was actually quite good compared to the usual shit Syfy churns out.
  8. I laughed my fucking ass off. And the joke got even funnier when I saw clips on youtube about the rest of the series, where they just ignored that vampires sparkle in the sun. Much inconsistency, such funny as Doge would put it :D
  9. I saw the first Twilight movie (not in cinema). It wasn't as bad as Abe Lincoln: vampire hunter. It was horrible of course, but not on the level of ABVH, fucking shite movie.
  10. 99% chance that it will suck. I haven't forgotten Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter. That might be the worst movie I saw in theatre in the past decade.
  11. Defender of the Pie that was Promised

  12. Stark marrying Stark. Yet another hint that Jon won't shy away from Dany when the time comes!

    1. MoIaF


      You know GRRM is laying down the groundwork for it. There is even an uncle niece marriage. ;)

    2. Veltigar
  13. About that scene, I think this poster has nailed some of what was wrong with that sequence:
  14. :bowdown: The Climb episode made me foam at the mouth. I absolutely hated it. Season 3 was horseshit, it's the only season where I haven't watched all episodes twice. I think season 4 is way better, eventhough they occasionally fuck up.
  15. When J+D happens, the tears of angry posters will grant eternal youth to us, the faithful

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    2. Roddy the Ruin

      Roddy the Ruin

      I would honestly be OK with it if it wasn't incest + Jon X Asha all the way

    3. Arya kiddin'
    4. Veltigar


      Wait you can comment on status updates? Why did no one ever tell me?! I HAVE BEEN LIVING A LIE THIS. WHOLE DAMN TIME :'( :P

  16. When J+D happens, the tears of angry posters will grant eternal life to us, the faithful

  17. Please, as if Tyrion's going to kick the bucket in tWoW. Mark my words, Tyrion won't survive the series, but he'll die at the very end probably whilst saving the world.
  18. I think that the Battle for Meereen will be divided in two stages. One against the Yunkai'i and one against the Volantinians several days afterwards. The battle against the Volantinians will be a pretty desperate fight
  19. I still find it highly unlikely that it was the Shavepate. I can see ser Barristan dying, but not now, if he goes down than it will be in Westeros.
  20. No song so sweet

  21. Well, I think the battle of Mereen will be broken down in two acts. The first as we have already seen in the Barry chapters, the second when the Volantine fleet arrives. Dany will obviously miss the first battle but she'll arrive in time for the second one. I also think that Dany, after burning the Khalesars leadership is going to need some time to drive the Dothraki together (If you see your Khal getting burned your probably pretty scared) and than take them to Mereen. The time she spends in Mereen will also be beneficial to muse over her past actions. She'll probably realise what a mess she made of things, that marrying Hizdahr and selling out on her believes (re-opening the pitts) was not the right thing to do. She'll kill the girl imo and let the woman be born there.
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