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    Watch, Watched, Watching: A new thread was Justified

    I saw it but couldn't remember if that was last year's or not.
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    US Politics: Get Tested or Get Bested

    I remember back in highschool math classes, pandemic infections were one of the main examples used to illustrate exponential growth. Is that not the case for Americans?
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    US Politics: Get Tested or Get Bested

    Well they don't have to do the ballet, can they try a simple dab?
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    UK Politics: Life in the Johnsonian Dystopia

    BoJo giving it to Prince Charles is the obvious vector.
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    Watch, Watched, Watching: A new thread was Justified

    I first saw Spaced in an old movie theatre in Toronto with Edgar Wright (who was in town prepping Scott Pilgrim) periodically talking and telling stories before/between seasons, the intermission, as well at the end, in a 8 hour free marathon. When I went upstairs to the balcony level washrooms, I saw Wright on a couch chatting with people. I mimed what Sean does at the Winchester, raising my invisible beer stein and gave him a wink. He laughed.
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    US Politics: Mad Max Beyond Corona Dome

    Two assholes enter, one asshole leaves!
  7. Rafe Judkins' instagram answered a bunch of fan questions. See https://www.instagram.com/rafejudkins/ and go to stories. The important bits - Of course major characters like Min, Elayne and Avi are not going to be cut or combined. Forsaken are major characters, therefore none are likely cut. Minor characters might have their stories grafted onto a major. The VFX for the weaves look awesome. Some casting announcements soon. He's locked in self-isolation but working on editing episodes and writing season 2. Unlikely to see a trailer for a long while. There is an Aiel in the first season. The prologue is in at some point in the first season, doesn't sound like the beginning or first episode. Loial is an Ogier, not a tall man. They're cutting way less than most people think. Mat and Rand passing through 20 villages on the way to Camlyn is just not producible.
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    The Magicians Season 4+ [SHOW SPOILER - No Book Spoilers]

    Somehow i missed this last year...
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    The Magicians Season 4+ [SHOW SPOILER - No Book Spoilers]

    Once More... with Feeling?
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    Muh muh muh means tuh testing - Covid #6

    Probably an easy prediction to make: Generation Z's last birth year has been arbitrarily named as 2010 or so, with Gen Alpha after that. I think Gen Z's time will be extended to 2019, and the post-Pandemic generation will begin this year. This (naming generations) is one of those cultural things no one cares about but we'll keep on doing it because we're cultural zombies.
  11. I've been calling it race-bending. Like in ATLA, where magical bending is done through gestures. In the case of race-bending, it's the gestures of language and a kind of doublethink where one ignores the evidence one does not want to accept. And of course, the ATLA movie was a prime example of race-bending.
  12. I took a look at imdb and see the 2011 adaptation did cast a light-skinned black actor for Heathcliff.
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    The Mandalorian (Spoiler Thread)

    Only other suggestions I've heard that fans wanted (other than the original voice actor) was Jessica Alba. I could see that, but I like Dawson for it. Don't care about the voice since I've never watched any of the toons.
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    The Mandalorian (Spoiler Thread)

    Rosario Dawson might have been cast as Ahsoko Tano in the Mandalorian
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    Dating Thread: "Pain, disorder, occasional clarity"

    We need a new thread called Love In The Time of Corona. I mean, Gen-Z, social distancing, spring break, the plot write itself!
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    Survivor 40: Winners at War

  17. Old thread: https://asoiaf.westeros.org/index.php?/topic/149825-spacexs-big-falcon-topic-2/ Starlink sats are expected to dim quite a bit as they push themselves with their Krypton Ion Thrusters to higher orbits, and separate by hundreds of miles from each other. But SpaceX people are huge astronomy supporters of course and will do whatever it takes to reduce the albedo of the sats from interfering with ground astronomers' views of the night sky. I'm not really worried. Latest updates about Starship and Super Heavy: Starship "Hopper" prototypes are being constructed by separate teams in Cape Canaveral, Florida and Boca Chica, Texas to compete with each other (internally to SpaceX) on improving the design and construction methods, and ultimately will have a fly-off this year, fairly soon probably. June 20th Musk is expected to give an update about the whole Starship / Super-Heavy design and plans for Mars. Super-Heavy (the first stage booster for Starship) will begin construction in a few months. This is likely to be very similar to the Falcon 9 booster so a quicker development cycle for it than Starship. Musk on twitter discussed they've changed the engine configuration and design of the wings/flaps and legs again. Starship will have 3 large-bell vacuum Raptor engines and 3 smaller bell sea-level Raptor engines. A big surprise to even SpaceX engineers is Starship can be used on its own (without Super-Heavy) for point-to-point travel on Earth if they add 2-4 more Raptor engines, going on the order of 10,000 km away on a single Mach 20 hop (getting to orbit takes about Mach 25). This reduces the complexity of point-to-point travel and saves a lot of money not having to use Super-Heavy for it, as well as considerably speeds up reuse due to reduced complexity of ground operations between flights. Refuel and go? Would make point-to-point travel on Earth extremely viable.
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    Space Launches, Landings, and Destinations - SpaceX Thread #3

    6th Starlink launch. Word is that one of the Merlin 1-D engines shut down prematurely, something that hasn't happened in 79 Falcon 9 flights nor 3 Falcon Heavy flights. Didn't affect the mission or orbit insertion, because 9 engines is built-in redundancy. Apparently it may have only cut off 15 seconds too soon, so not a big deal. This was the 5th flight of that particular booster. and it dove into the ocean. If they recover it hopefully they can fully check it out and figure out what the issues was.
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    Love in the Time of Coronavirus (#3)

    If the world was serious there would be an annual quarantine period. Say from December 31 to February 14. ie. New Quarantine's Eve to St. Quarantine's Day. I should pitch this the Hollywood, tbh.
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    Watch, Watched, Watching: A new thread was Justified

    Community is coming to the Netflix finally, April 1st. I hope that means Canada too, I could use a rewatch.
  21. Someone created a wiki for GRRM's Thousand Worlds setting.
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    GRRM's Thousand Worlds setting has a wiki

    It's a wiki, so you can contribute by adding new pages and editing existing ones.
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    U.S. Politics: By Gawd King, That's Joe Biden's Music!!!!

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    U.S. Politics: By Gawd King, That's Joe Biden's Music!!!!

    No, that is not how the math of probability works dude!