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  1. Just finished. I'm pretty satisfied. Great cameo in chapter 4. Great tying it all together by the end.
  2. Just started Chapter 1, season 4. Notice Will Byers
  3. I would have liked them to add "From the Directors of the Paintball episodes of Community" to that list of credits.
  4. I think we have a new champion for worst season of a tv series ever: Fear the Walking Dead, season 7. Every episode is completely fucking awful. Worse than you can imagine.
  5. A German academic of Russian studies talks to a Russian journalist about what they perceive the whole war is all about: https://www.e-flux.com/journal/126/460518/putin-restoration-of-destruction/
  6. "For the honour of the Black Boar!" I picked up The Summer Tree in the summer of 1985 from the local library and the other two were published the next year so I didn't have wait long for the rest. As a middle schooler just hitting puberty I definitely related to Paul's self-torture as a character, and therefore Galadan's too, and loved the emotionality of the series. I hadn't realized until reading this essay last week that Diarmuid himself was from Celtic legends, a Lancelot like figure, so made Kim's fear he was the third side of the triangle more justified than I had realized. I think the point of all those mythic influences living out familiar stories is to contrast with the themes of wildness, choice and free will, and how that is very much a part of romanticism. Being in middle school at the time, Kay was the first time I realized thematic resonance was a thing, and could be pretty cool.
  7. Yep. Henry Czerny. I haven't seen him in anything in forever. More importantly, Captain Carter is in this.
  8. Could be intentional, if they make him the recurring punching bag, like "these aliens almost killed Sam! those bastards!!"
  9. Just went back to the Chapters/Indigo that didn't have any Kay book but Fionavar a month ago, still don't have anything else on the shelves. I asked an employee for the latest one, he said he's preordered it himself, and Kay is his favorite author. They have it in the back but it's not suppose to be available until Tuesday. Arggh. Also that they just don't carry Kay anymore, it's become an online only thing.
  10. An argument I've just seen is that in Captain Marvel, Fury says everyone calls him Fury, but in that scene in Infinity War, "Maria Hill" called him Nick, indicating they're both Skrulls. Thin, but could be they were planting the seeds all along.
  11. I was too busy being creeped out to be amused. It was great.
  12. Maybe they're going to retcon it so that the two we saw blipped were actually Skrulls, and Fury and Hill actually existed during the gap. If there were not de-blipped, they could have missed the Endgame battle due to being caught up fighting the Secret Invasion.
  13. News is Secret Invasion takes place during the Blip, so how is Fury and Maria Hill present for it? I'd guess it's their Life Model Decoys running things.
  14. I hadn't realized the National Team has disbanded. I expected it, but missed the news on that. But unfortunately looks like Blue Origin took the same design and just slapped their logo on it. Dynetics looks like the best option for a 2nd lander.
  15. new She-Hulk trailer damn, She-Hungry!
  16. Kay doing an AMA on reddit at 8pm EDT tonight.
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