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  1. 6 hours ago, karaddin said:

    This video of Daniel's is actually half of what prompted me to watch it, I was wondering what they were going to be accused of stealing. Immediately after starting the second episode I'm assuming its the title sequence which has very similar vibes to Arcane? lol. I also saw someone else talking about Dark which made me realise it was from them, at which point I was locked in.



    It was some short run Brazillian comic book, whose creator/writer who went to a convention in Norway in 2017 and Norway is close to Germany therefore plagiarism is totally possible.  Both used imagery of pyramids (so unique right?  Daniel mentions he was going to use pyramids in the novel he's writing but changed his mind after researching how common it is) and the final shot of the season (which reminded me of scene I remember from the OA) are just identical okay? and even though it was aliens that's basically the same as a mental institution with a spaceship reveal right?  and close ups of faces is totally her thing, she owns it so she's suing.

    The vlogger's point was the comic book Black Silence had way more in common with Event Horizon than 1899, and common tropes are prevalent throughout the subgenre so this is just ridiculous.   This claim is a level of cringe that is embarrassing.


  2. 7 hours ago, SpaceChampion said:

    Hopefully there is a bigger twist that makes it more interesting by the end.

    Hahahahahahaha yeah that's a good twist.  Not really surprising and not really doing anything new but i'll watch another season.

  3. Loved Dark.  But 1899 is a bit too obvious what's happening from maybe as early as episode 2.  I have about an episode and a half left to go.  Hopefully there is a bigger twist that makes it more interesting by the end.

    The characters are a little underdeveloped to be interesting.  Some of the dialogue was awful, when they state what it is happening as it is happening, but so far that's only a couple of lines that made me cringe.  I think I want to just watch Dark again.


  4. Current Walking Dead showrunner Angela Kang has signed on to make Silk: Spider Society for Amazon / MGM+, first in a crop of Sony Spideyverse Marvel series with over 900 characters to choose from.


    Silk is also exec-produced by Lord & Miller.  It'll appear on MGM+ first before opening globally on Amazon.


  5. Tor, of course, publishing all the books from this Kickstarter.

    In Spring 2022, Brandon Sanderson launched a Kickstarter campaign to announce four secret, brand-new novels: three set in the Cosmere universe and the other something completely different. The campaign was Kickstarter’s most successful campaign to date.
    Tor Books is proud to be exclusively publishing commercial editions of the Secret Projects three months after each premium edition is distributed to Kickstarter backers. Pre-order all four novels now for quarterly delivery beginning April 2023!
    #TressoftheEmeraldSea: Go deeper into the Cosmere universe with this rollicking, riveting tale that will appeal to fans of The Princess Bride. Coming 4.4.2023.
    #TheFrugalWizardsHandbookForSurvivingMedievalEngland: Jason Bourne meets epic fantasy in a captivating adventure that throws an amnesiac wizard into time travel shenanigans—where his only hope of survival lies in recovering his missing memories. Coming 6.27.2023.
    #YumiandtheNightmarePainter: A gripping story set in the Cosmere universe told by Hoid, where two people from incredibly different worlds must compromise and work together to save their worlds from ruin. Coming 10.3.2023.
    #TheSunlitMan: In a future in the Cosmere universe, a perpetual planetary wanderer must decide whether to keep running or stay and make a difference on a struggling planet. Coming 1.2.2024.
    Guarantee your copies and pre-order today! https://static.xx.fbcdn.net/images/emoji.php/v9/tf4/1/16/2728.png


  6. NASA has modified the HLS contract with SpaceX to order a second Starship landing on the Moon in 2027, to fulfill the mandate for sustainable exploration of the Moon "sustaining requirements for missions beyond Artemis III, including docking with Gateway, accommodating four crew members, and delivering more mass to the surface."


  7. So do you think


    in 10-12 years we get a new T'Challa as Black Panther?   If junior is about 6 years old now, joining the Young Avengers after some of them have aged out of that.


  8. So Andor is coming to other platforms / channels, but only the first two episodes.  Will this actually accomplish the opposite result of what they want, and turn people off if they don't see at least episode 3?


    ABC: Wednesday, November 23, 9-10:30 pm ET

    FX: Thursday, November 24, 9-10:30 pm ET

    Freeform: Friday, November 25, 9-10:30 pm ET

    Hulu: Available from November 23 through December 7 

  9. 47 minutes ago, RumHam said:
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    Are there any other secret civilizations left on earth from the comics? I find it amusing that Wakanda revealed themselves and now have to deal with another secret advanced civilization with Vibranium. "he's covered in it" was pretty funny. 

    I agree it was too long or should have been paced better. Loved Namor, who I was pretty skeptical of. 



    A lot of "it depends" of when/if they're taking the story there and a few depend how Kevin Feige decides if these are secret or just never mentioned before and was always there.

    • Attilan, the Inhuman island kingdom was in the Atlantic before transported to the moon, but it's doubtful Feige will be adding Inhumans to the MCU, since he's making Ms. Marvel a mutant.
    • Genosha, the X-men island which would depend on how the X-men coming into the MCU will be accomplished.  If the multiverse saga merges two universes after an incursion without destroying both, so could have Genosha suddenly appearing somewhere.
    • Latveria, led by Doctor Doom.  Is it secret or not?  He's needed for Secret Wars apparently...
    • Madripoor already depicted, run by the Power Broker, in The Falcon & The Winter Soldier.  in the comics more associated with mutants.
    • Lemuria, undersea home of Deviants, no mention of it in the movie Eternals.
    • Chronopolis, associated with Kang the Conquerer, perhaps this is the city we'll see in the Quantum Realm in Quantumania.
    • the Savage Land, apparently in the middle of Antarctica.
    • Transia, important location for the High Evolutionary, whom we'll see in GG3 but will his origins be changed?
    • and a bunch more smaller ones probably not significant to the MCU at this time.


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