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  1. Most popular streaming shows for 2022: https://variety.com/2023/digital/news/stranger-things-most-streamed-tv-show-2022-1235503095/ Interesting that the most viewed MCU movie was Eternals.
  2. On Monday SpaceX stacked the Starship on Superheavy and did a full wet dress rehearsal of launch procedures, filling the stack with 10 million pounds of propellants. The cold temperatures of the supercooled liquid oxygen and liquid methane caused the stack to shrink by about a half a meter! Nothing blew up! Huzzzah! A further sign that the test went well is they've announced they're moving on to do a full 33-engine static fire test for the Superheavy booster, possible in the next week or two. If that goes well, then next will be the first orbital launch attempt. Could be end of February, could be end of March.
  3. Its just got to be better than Battle Beyond the Stars.
  4. Yes. Though the story is another retelling of Seven Samurai. Hopefully that's just a jumping off point and more is done with it. It was originally conceived as a Star Wars movie, so hopefully Snyder leaned away from that to do more interesting worldbuilding than making it a Star Wars pastiche. The release artwork and photos so far do look great, but the pastiche is clearly there. One of the minor cast is a guy i know, says it's the best set he's ever been on, so there's that.
  5. I ended up enjoying it, it goes in fun directions when they spend most of the season sledding/sailing down the Dnieper with a bunch of people with secret identities trying to get to Constantinople. I couldn't help but think of Sailing To Sarantium. The Jomsberg plotline is good too.
  6. Attack on Titan Season 4 Part 3 will be released in two parts................ seriously, Part 3 Part A and Part 3 Part B??? I think we're in a Zeno's Paradox situation here. March 4th for the first chunk, "some time" in 2023 for the rest.
  7. Yes, but the Fisher King is often not the main protagonist, but a part of the Hero's arc as the Sick King that the Hero must go on a quest to heal. I'm not sure Covenant has a comparable hero that finds what he needs to heal. Heroes often have something else less literal than a literal king they must heal too. Repairing a broken sword for instance. These are one time events they want to make happen. Kings are trying to avoid an event. Taking it out of the fantasy genre, where metaphors are literalized, the sacrifice is about their ego. They cannot grow their ego unless they accept a truth and reject a lie that their ego was relying on to protect the protagonist's self image. All stories where characters change are in the end about changing their ego. Sacrificing their self-image is a part of that.
  8. Jason Ning is developing a series for Sony based on Wang DuLu’s Crane Iron Pentalogy, from which most of us know part of the story as told in Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon.
  9. I'm just going to consider this show The Drunk History of Middle Earth from now on.
  10. A worker-owned "post-capitalist" streaming service Means.tv from https://www.hourdetroit.com/community/means-tv-post-capitalist-socialism-detroit/
  11. Whose fault is it if Bezos forgot to use some of that money to bribe the Hollywood Foreign Press Association?
  12. I enjoy the show well enough, and the season finale was fine (love is the most powerful magic is ok i guess, whatever). Graydon is my favourite character so
  13. Primarying Feinstein if she won't leave with some dignity.
  14. Burt Rutan, 20 years ago? Won the X-Prize with it? I don't know why you're bringing that up though, Virgin Orbit isn't using a glider. LauncherOne is a rocket, lifted to 10+km altitude by an airplane called WhiteKnightTwo, and goes to space from there. That part succeeded, seems the aeroshell failed to separate to allow it to release the satellites. It's a spin-off company from Virgin Galactic, which uses SpaceShipTwo, the glider with rocket engines, also dropped at height from WhiteKnightTwo. I think both companies are dead ends but they're free to try whatever they want. They're burning cash apparently, I don't think either will last as companies much longer.
  15. I heard someone say Paramount+ was the service with the least churn rate, based on retaining Star Trek fans throughout the years Seemed surprising. And doesn't look like that's true: From https://crossscreen.media/state-of-the-screens/why-streaming-churn-matters/ It's one of the worst. Never believe people, folks. Compared to other industries: Clearly the sky is NOT falling at Netflix, nor at Disney or HBO.
  16. Unfortunate launch failure for Virgin Orbit of its LauncherOne vehicle.
  17. The Covenant novels aren't a deconstructed Hero's journey. The first chronicles is a straightforward pitch-perfect king's journey. The King represents the sickness in the kingdom. That's literally what TC is. He is one with the Land and the Despiser both. The King is faced with Rebels who fail to heal the kingdom no matter what they try. Only the King can do it. They, as represented by Mhoram and Foamfollower and everyone else, are antagonistic to what the King must do, because they want him to use his power and fight for the Land like they do. But he can't win that way. It's only through their failures that TC realizes he has no other choice. The end of the King's arc is giving up power and sacrificing himself to save the kingdom. TC gives up the power of his White Gold, and delivers himself to Foul. His willingness to sacrifice himself is what fully unites him with the Land. On top of the basic King's journey Donaldson adds the whole question of whether the Land is real or not. If the Land ain't real, then his sacrifice is just suicide, and he's not a king but a fool. The suicide of the fool doesn't save the Land. The Ritual of Desecration is there to turn the King into the Fool, to desecrate the sacrifice so it is just a suicide. It didn't matter whether the Land was real or not, since if it was a delusion the Rebels still represented parts of himself that wanted beauty, life and vitality, even as a mental construct. You don't see this arc often in modern fantasy but it's just as mythic and ancient as the Hero's journey, and the best example is one of the most popular stories of all: Frodo's journey to destroy the One Ring. He gives up power and his whole journey is a sacrifice that destroys his ability to be fully part of the mortal world. The Rebels were the Fellowship that wanted to make use of the Ring, so the Fellowship had to break. Tolkien focuses more on the redeeming power of friendship, but it is the same type of story arc. He also provides many foils for Frodo: Saruman, Theoden, Denethor. They are all Kings who represent wrong paths for Frodo. Surely Tolkien modelled the story on all the stories of sacrifice he knew about in ancient literature. Ultimately the King's arc is about responsibility, while Hero's journey is about finding purpose. Power is not given up by the Hero, it's acquired.
  18. Watching The Pale Blue Eye, on Netflix. That Dursley boy is doing marvellous work as Edgar A. Poe.
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