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  1. Apparently Echoes is already out in Australia on a streaming platform called Stan, months ahead of anywhere else.
  2. I haven't read the report, it was only a screencap from Ancestry.com, and her sister Lainey seems to have deleted the facebook post from 5 years ago. But what's not deleted is Lainey talking about her own indigenous heritage. Peruse her fb if you like here: https://www.facebook.com/LaineySainteMarieMixter . Going by what she said, she sees Buffy often and their relationship isn't strained. She also mentioned their mother passing down stories of being Mi'kmaq. I think assuming the sexual abuse happened, her mother might have made up the story Buffy was adopted to convince her it wasn't "really" incest. Horrible way to deal with it, if that's what happened.
  3. Her sister Lainey is still living. The odd thing is she seems to support the CBC story and YET posted a screenshot of her own DNA ancestry test that shows 30% indigenous. The facts seem to be: * Buffy is not adopted. * But her blood relatives do have indigenous DNA. other than that, I don't know. Perhaps what Lainey supports about the CBC story is just that Buffy is not adopted, not the claims of being 100% white? I seen the screencap yesterday but it seems to be deleted now:
  4. Starting to get into spoiler territory with Marvel's PR campaign for the The Marvels. This for example:
  5. Who Is the Real Buffy Sainte-Marie? Weird scandal, one of Canada's long time public Indigenous cultural icons is neither Canadian nor Indigenous.
  6. I heard the running time is 90 minutes, so basically a movie.
  7. Attack on Titan: Final Season Part 3 Second Half
  8. Marvel hires Punisher writer/EP for Daredevil: Born Again
  9. Few people know the original satanic panic involved these three before those bloody heavy metal kids stole their thunder.
  10. The Lego Marvel Avengers: Code Red was code Meh.
  11. It's a TV special, not part of a season.
  12. Michelle Williams narrates the audiobook for Brittany Spear's autobiography.
  13. It's fine as a show, but I'm getting irritated by the CW-ness of the young adult drama.
  14. Wasn't planning on watching all, but I thought I had seen the first 3 years ago but not sure about the rest. Then after the 7th I wanted more... 1 was kind of lame though. 2 is better, but something is off about it. Turns out I had never seen it before though. Ethan Hunt doesn't feel like quite the same character in these first two as the rest. There's a tinge of misogyny in them both. Hopefully the 3rd is better. Now I'm doubting I saw it before either. 4-7 (and eventually 8) do feel like pretty connected, but fairly unconnected to the first 2.
  15. Decided to watch the whole Mission: Impossible movie series, mainly because I couldn't remember if I had watched anything more than youtube clips of most of them. Started with 4 and watched in order to 7. It's a fun series and great action, but now I'm back to the beginning and man that first one hasn't held up so far in the first 30 minutes. The masks so far are unconvincing and their use of the internet is like whoever wrote it heard a rumour about how computers works rather than having first hand experience. In 1996 Ethan Hunt is looking for clues on Usenet! USENET!
  16. Yes, re-edited. They apparently had enough filmed that they picked back up from the cutting room floor to make a mini-series.
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