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  1. Yes, re-edited. They apparently had enough filmed that they picked back up from the cutting room floor to make a mini-series.
  2. Basically: 1) no version of the Dark One winning was going to be good for her, 2) she wouldn't be trusted by anyone on the side of Light, and they'd put her on trial and execute her if captured, if not outright killed. 3) she needed someone trusted by the Light side to vouch for her being dead, and Perrin was the most likely to convince, and he was accessible in Tel'aran'rhiod. 4) she Compelled him, and made him think he broke it. 5) he did not. I can't remember if it was Sanderson's speculation or RJ has actual plans for the outrigger novels but Lanfear was going to have an arc (in the Seanchan continent IIRC) and eventually going to see Rand happy, and come to terms they are toxic together and finally move on from her obsession with him.
  3. That's an unexpected plot twist: Brandon Sanderson is an unreliable narrator!
  4. I agree. The likely scenario is the ter'angreal cache is in Falme, and a bunch of Black Ajah + Moggy abscond with what they can grab, leading to Nynaeve and Elayne going there. It might be Egwene also goes through the red doorframe ter'angreal and decides she has to go to the Aiel Waste too. I would think that leads them to going east by ship too, and end up in Ebou Dar in season 4 to meet the Kin, do the thing with Bowl, etc. Perhaps also trying to warning Tylin about the likelihood of a Seanchan invasion. I wonder if Moiraine will get her battle with Lanfear on the docks after all, but in Falme instead -- and they do disappear into the doorframe as prisoners, but Mat eventually rescues her going through the other doorframe in Rhuidean.
  5. Which is why they cut it. Duh? The original plan for season 2 was all of them travelling with the Ingtar.
  6. Ingtar's reveal as a darkfriend was shot, and deleted. Will probably be released at some point.
  7. Certainly that's just being delayed to a later season, not skipped. Season 3 locations: Tanchico, Caemlyn, Rhuidean, Two Rivers. Cultures: Tarabon, Sea Folk, Aiel, Andor. Seems pretty stuffed to me.
  8. No. I wonder if it's some sort of flag of convenience thing. Some fly by night company needed a regulatory body to approve whatever it is they're selling and settled on Tatarstan as most willing to provide the cover.
  9. Follow up interview with Mark Aswith, producer of POG and manager of Silver Snail. He includes the story of selling more copies of Neil Gaimon's Violent Cases than all other comic stores in North America combined. When he ordered The Dark Knight Returns for Silver Snail it was 2/3rds of the whole order for all of Canada - and it sold out in 3 weeks.
  10. Seems maybe Krysten Ritter's character was cryonically frozen for decades maybe?
  11. Finally... but not a specific date, just 2024.
  12. Rick Green talks about his old series on TV Ontario, Prisoners of Gravity, which interview hundreds of comic book and SF/F writers. Includes an amusing story of how Zack Snyder said he really didn't get the Watchmen comic book story until he watched it talked about on POG. Plus Neil Gaiman apparently credits POG and the Silver Snail comic book store in Toronto as creating interest in his work and starting his career.
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