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  1. Apparently not. I read an old reddit post wrong. Though some people do seem to this both Mat and Hawkwing have qualities of Alexander. It was Julius Caesar who said "the die is cast".
  2. ??? Yeah, i read the books. I didn't memorize the Old Tongue though. The thing I was bringing up was if Alexander was one of his past lives.
  3. I think what she did with the Horn is a complete mystery so I can't even speculate. One thing I learned, what Mats says in the Old Tongue is something like It's Time To Toss the Dice. Apparently something similar to what Alexander the Great used to say.
  4. Amaresu is the champion of light when the male Dragon isn't around, basically a female Dragon. So that actually makes sense why Moiraine didn't know whether the Dragon would be born male this time around. Would have been nice to see her channel the OP in battle.
  5. I can't remember at any time in the books someone altering another channeler's weaves. As far as I know that can't be done. So Moiraine must have stopped channelling or had her weaves cut to be replaced by whoever did it, if there is another person. Hard to see anyone other than Lanfear behind it, but then why did she tell Moiraine to throw up the dragon?
  6. Another idea i just thought of: Moridin will be using Ingtar's body.
  7. It would also be worthwhile to have someone like Moggy relatively weak in the OP but strong in the TP, and she becomes the one who pioneered using saidar as a conduit for the TP and be shielded from its ill effects -- though she's plenty crazy already so maybe it took her a while before she figure out how to do that in the AoL. So capturing her becomes critical for Nynaeve and Rand to figure out how to heal the taint.
  8. Initially i had Liandrin as Semirhage but her cruelty level has to be upped considerably, and she doesn't have that psychologist background. I was thinking Semi and Mesaana actually switch domains, with the later with the Seanchan (and seeing Liandrin kill the Empress and starting the civil war) while Semirhage plays in the tower torturing and forcibly converting Aes Sedai. Could be due to the True Power. No reason the amount of TP they can channel correlates to their strength in the OP.
  9. Yes. At the time Lanfear said "the boys" it was 3, but Sammael since has been named. Actually I'm blanking on when Asmodean was named. Anyone remember?
  10. I'm still thinking new Chosen will be raised, beyond Taim, and given names we know. We only know 6 have been named, and there are two more that Lanfear calls "the boys" Ishamael Lanfear Moghedien Graendal Asmodean Sammael The 2 boys might be Aginor (creator of the Trollocs) and Balthamel (a historian might be interesting to put against Verin, and have her kill him to keep the illusion she's not Black Ajah). If I had to chose, Liandrin becomes Mesaana, Alviarin becomes Semirhage, Taim becomes Demandred (instead of being Demandred all along). Maybe another two Asha'man becomes Rahvin and Be'lal -- Maybe Gedwyn and Rochaid.
  11. ROP was said to have something like only a 37% completion rate (and even that is in dispute, because this graphic looked more like 27% but I don't know how that graph was produced), and season 1 of WOT had around 66%, which is quite good and comparable to shows like Arcane. ROP is down where Netflix canceled 1899 at. But Netflix is likely harsher, quicker to cancel something Amazon necessarily wouldn't. If I read that graph correctly, twice as many people watched the WOT season 1 finale than the ROP season 1 finale. Which is extremely good news for WOT. This season really ought to have better numbers too.
  12. 100 trollocs was the Bel Tine attack. 500 was the first day of the Battle of Emond's Field, but more of them were coming in subsequent days (until Loial and Gaul permanently closed the waygate) so they actually grew in size, perhaps 1000. 400 Whitecloaks sat around doing nothing. Relief forces came from Devin Ride and Watch Hill, led by Faile.
  13. Actually Emond's Field had to be wholly rebuilt. For some reason they just ditched the set -- probably since a lot of it was burned in that episode. They didn't keep anything from it. Maybe Emond's Field will include some refugees from over the Misty Mountains so there will be justified an expanded village.
  14. I'll repost this link: https://nerdist.com/article/wheel-of-time-season-two-finale-showrunner-rafe-judkins-interview-forsaken-dragon-reborn-prophecy/ I've been wondering if it was direction from Amazon to cut down to 8 Forsaken, and he's still hoping to have all 13 later.
  15. You're acting like Tom Cruise didn't have total control of every aspect of it.
  16. https://nerdist.com/article/wheel-of-time-season-two-finale-showrunner-rafe-judkins-interview-forsaken-dragon-reborn-prophecy/
  17. Some interviews with Judkins today: From https://collider.com/wheel-of-time-season-2-finale-rafe-judkins-interview/ He's Gaidal Cain, confirmed. From https://screenrant.com/wheel-time-season-2-showrunner-rafe-judkins-interview/ on Brandon Sanderson's help in season 2: From https://www.tor.com/2023/10/06/the-wheel-of-time-showrunner-rafe-judkins-talks-season-2-finale-among-other-things/ From https://www.vulture.com/article/wheel-of-time-season-2-showrunner-explains-adaptation-choices.html
  18. Since the original intention was to have the 3 boys with the Shienarans this season, and they had to rewrite, the original plan probably was to expose Ingtar as a Darkfriend but obviously the change of plans forced that to get cut.
  19. Huh? Based on what? Why?? There was zero indication in the episode any of them but Mat is tied to the Horn.
  20. It's like they cast Bjork as Moggy. Not what I was expecting but it works.
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