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  1. OSIRIS-REx landing in the next hour. NASA TV covering it here:
  2. Watched Bottoms, a highschool lesbian / fight club comedy co-starring Rachel Sennott (from Bodies Bodies Bodies and The Idol) and Ayo Edebiri (The Bear). Sennott also co-wrote it with the director. It's quite a standard structure, beat for beat you've seen a dozen times before, and then the climax is insane. I was asking WHAT AM I WATCHING? HOW IS THIS HAPPENING? I think with this genre of film at least the emotions of growing up a confused teenager should feel real, but there is no sense of actual consequence for any character's actions, and reconciliations happen without any sense of real introspection having happened, merely propelled by necessity of the plot. On the other hand it is quite funny and has a 93% rating on Rotten Tomatoes so clearly appealing to people. It's completely absurd. Was hoping for a Mean Girls, got something less than a Booksmart instead.
  3. No one called me out for calling Reservation Dogs as Reservoir Dogs.
  4. A welcome change. Mat did make that wanking gesture when he said the name Dragon Reborn, so Mat mocking all his friends (and enemies too I hope) is going to be far more entertaining. The Ishy Dear thing might be a clue it wasn't the real Ishy, just part of the dream she controlled.
  5. Was just thinking about the age of the galaxy and realized it's only rotated about 36 times since it first formed. Earth was formed 20 rotations ago. If it had been existent since the beginning of the universe our galaxy would have only rotated 60 times since then. It's got about another 20 rotations before it collides/merges with the Andromeda galaxy.
  6. Lovely penultimate episode of Reservation Dogs but there wasn't much actual conflict. Two people wrestling with themselves and then making inroads in their relationship. Nice surprise in the guest actor as Elora's dad.
  7. Accepting an adaptation is an adaptation must be so hard, you all have my sympathies.
  8. She's officially Sci-Fi Royalty, ya know.
  9. Tortoise-Prawns Pretty sure most of those Stormtroopers are dead, and reanimated by the Night Witches. BTW The lead Great Mother is played by Claudia Black.
  10. Saw a theory that they killed Uno off so they can bring him back as a Hero of the Horn... LOL this will be head cannon at least until the season finale. Wait, is Uno Gaidal Cain?
  11. It may not look like much, but Stoke Space (the company working on an aerospike engine for a reusuable rocket) appears to be the real deal. They say after completion of its latest test program they have all they need to design the orbital version. https://x.com/stoke_space/status/1703569700540883195?s=20
  12. Except we see from the party that Selene took Rand to, and met Anvaere, that they don't all wear blue and gold to everything, and formal affairs least so, it appears.
  13. They were calling it the Blue Wedding last night on the Dusty Wheel youtube live chat. Not sure why blue in particular.
  14. I imagine they'll smooth out the Perrin/Whitecloak conflict over the whole series instead of making it relatively absent in the middle slog. I can't see them killing Morgase because she is the most appropriate judge for his trial, but I imagine modifications to it so she's not quite so removed from everyone else's storyline for so long. Perhaps she'll end up under Seanchan rule as da'covale or something, quietly trying to start a resistance.
  15. It's only the Forerunners so far. That they can only take Toman Head or just Falme seems consistent with the books to me.
  16. LMAO The Daryl Dixon Walking Dead spin-off, All that said, it is probably the best Walking Dead spin-off they've done. I kind of dig it. I hope it holds up.
  17. All the things coming together is episode 8 of this season of Reservation Dogs made me wonder if was the series finale. Two more episodes to go though. Amusing "heist" and fun call backs to the beginning for the season and the series as a whole.
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