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  1. Consent and its lack (as an aspect of power, especially in the power dynamics between men and women) was always a major theme in the books. The Last Battle fight between Moridin and Rand literally turns based on that. Consents issues between a Warder and their Aes Sedai of course needs to be part of this story, and this thing between Lan and Moiraine is entirely part of that. Even Alanna's sex antics is part of that, rather than just there for amusement, because what she desires she has consent for, in this case. When/if Alanna later forcibly bonds Rand, she better wrestle with the lack of consent.
  2. That's rather the opposite of what Isaacson claimed in his book. Regardless, if a country doesn't control a territory SpaceX has no legal basis for operating in that territory. When did he claim that? Providing Starlink to Ukraine was not about defense, it was about civilian and government internet access so they can hook up vital services, like hospital and schools cut off by the war.
  3. Don't know where you''re getting that from, but wholly wrong. There are at least 3 U.S. agencies regulating Starlink and one international. SpaceX doesn't have exclusive use of the orbit, and they can't and didn't just launch to that orbit to claim it. That's complete nonsense. There is regulation of the altitude, the transmission spectrum, sat-to-sat microwave communication and deorbit capability. Plus it takes suggestions from NASA. It's actually in 3 orbital shells, at 340km, 550km, and 1150km. For reference ISS is at 420km. Planet Inc. has 200 earth observation sats at 400km altitude. Nothing about this prevents others from using that space. We can stuff a million more satellites in that space without worrying about collisions. The International Telecommunications Union approved the spectrum and orbit, the FCC approved the spectrum, orbit and number of sats, while apparently NOAA oversees deorbit risks and reliability. Plus every nation Starlink operates in is regulated by its own national organizations. Military uses are more highly regulated and expensive in overhead. ITAR exists, and that means you can't suddenly provide commercial services to a foreign government that then uses it for war, terrorism, or trades to a third party that does those things. Starlink was given to Ukraine to connect it's towns and hospitals in the war zone so civilians would not be cut off. If SpaceX wasn't told it would be used in the battlefield, there is a legitimate concern that they'd face expensive legal and regulatory ramifications. I'm sure their legal department reacted like a beehive when a firecracker goes off inside. There is a years-long process of getting things through ITAR that can't be resolved in an afternoon with a phone call.
  4. Before. He was healed after retrieving the Dagger and Horn in Tar Valon. He went down to Tear to rescue the power trio from the Black Ajah while the Stone was falling to the Aiel. Moiraine's healing him was too soon, or incomplete. Or he'll be "reinfected" some time this season.
  5. I think Mat is going to meet the Damodreds and discover Barthanes and Anvaere are both darkfriends, and conclude or be led to believe Moiraine is one too. In this past episode how the dark prophesy was found made me wonder if Alanna will fear that Moiraine (and possibly Lan) are darkfriends too.
  6. 20th Anniversary Badger Badger Badger
  7. It is me or did Asokha's apparent stoicism drop as soon as she saw Anakin? She seemed more like the expressive young Snips.
  8. Must be mixed for 5.1 surround sound and I'm here on cheap headphones through my computer.
  9. I've wondered if it's a sound mixing problem. The voice track being muted but the music track isn't.
  10. Regarding Moiraine's storyline. It makes sense if they're going to kill off Siuan, to have Moiraine take up her plotlines from the books. They have to cannibalize someone's plotline for Rosamund Pike, and better Siuan than Cadsuane.
  11. Forgive me for posting an ad, but Arby's is hopping on the WOT train: Still hard to see this becoming as big a cultural phenomenom as GOT. I'd kind of like it to eclipse Rings of Power though, and make Amazon realize they bet on a loser with that.
  12. The other alternative is she's not B.A. currently but will be turned by a circle of 13+13. That seems like a thing that needs to be dramatized, and losing someone to the Dark that we've gotten to know would have impact.
  13. Verin calling Adeleas "sister" doesn't mean she's a biological sister. Isn't it more likely she was talking about their sisterhood as Aes Sedai? Y'all looking for things to jump on.
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