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  1. I wasn't encouraged by the trailer. It looks to me lots of plot but no actual story.
  2. Then wouldn't any German woman automatically assume if you're talking to them, you must think you have a good reason? Use it.
  3. I figure a thread for Furiosa will be needed soon -- out May 24th in theatres.
  4. https://variety.com/2024/tv/news/the-office-spinoff-peacock-plot-details-1235996108/ The Office gets a midwestern spinoff set in a dying newspaper office, starring Domhall Gleeson and Sabrina Impacciatore, for Peacock.
  5. Disney+ and Hulu made a profit for once, probably due to the combination of ad-supported tier and cracking down on password sharing. https://apnews.com/article/disney-iger-peltz-b5e6af22728e2d7ccc91dd1315b6c9aa
  6. It just occurred to me... isn't Egg suppose to have hair for most of The Hedge Knight? Little guy shaved it prematurely.
  7. More details about the Polaris Dawn mission plan: https://arstechnica.com/space/2024/05/private-astronauts-to-fly-highest-mission-since-apollo-make-groundbreaking-eva/
  8. Boeing's Starliner might be launching today, 7 years late... This is a certification launch. EDit: Scrubbed. It's always the damn valves..... Eric Berger writes about some of the issues Boeing faced bringing Starliner to this point: https://arstechnica.com/space/2024/05/the-surprise-is-not-that-boeing-lost-commercial-crew-but-that-it-finished-at-all/
  9. I think the last one was slightly better than Rebel Moon. but on par with it for this-feels-like-a-D&D-campaign-setting-ness.
  10. Evolved from the Dragon IVA flight suits (used as a precaution for emergencies during launches and landing), the new EVA suits are intended for short spacewalks, similar to Apollo 8 spacewalk in LEO. Suits intended for Moon or Mars will take further evolution of the spacesuit project. These ones will be used this summer for the first spacewalk by a solely private civilian space mission, Polaris Dawn. Speaking of Polaris Dawn, interview with the Today Show: Two of the crew are SpaceX engineers who were invited to join the mission based on their expertise in training and operations.
  11. I'm half convinced Zack Snyder just cut and paste the black hole from Interstellar into Rebel Moon.
  12. final trailer Director Wes Ball won't say the actual time, but it's probably around 300 years later. He initially turned it down and then thought about it. He didn't want to make Apes 4, where Caesar's son Cornelius continues on immediately after the last one. Someone can still do that story, but he wanted to have a new trilogy focusing on the Caesar as a myth and legend, his legacy corrupted, amidst the rise of the first Bronze Age kingdom of Apes.
  13. I'm not getting an answer from you that really indicates it's character-driven. A character-driven story would be more about the mindsets that can be termed rational or irrational, where things like ego or pride or shame or guilt or fear lead to madness or irrational actions. That doesn't sound like what you're doing. Gothic fiction is that in the extreme, and dramas like Breaking Bad where ego usually determines the outcome of the plot. You might be doing something I'd call more setting-driven, where the setting you're talking about is the social setting where relationships between all the people in the story drive the plot. Relationships tend to determine character motivations. Setting-based stories turn on people being strong in their relationships or weak in their relationships. Heroic stories come with the romantic view of life where heroes are strong and villains are weak. Tolkien’s Lord of the Rings is the clearest example. Gollum’s weakness leads to isolation; Saruman’s weakness leads to jealousy; Theodan’s weakness leads to paranoia; Denethor’s weakness leads to madness that leads to betrayal. Isolation, jealousy, paranoia and betrayal are all relative to other people; so it’s about behaviour in relationships. You use the language of strength and weakness to support the social setting, to indicate to the reader how to view the social structure, motivations and relationships. A romance novel, superhero comics and Conan the Barbarian are told in the heroic style. Heroic genres stories are more about choosing good behaviour in relationships over bad behaviour in relationships. Since LOTR has themes about both madness and weakness, it is a good example of blending genres of both gothic and heroic fiction. ASOIAF does this too, but add the elements of noir mysteries where most everyone are shades of grey, and the only real way to judge them is by the quality and effect of their ideas, as seen in their strategies and plans. Because LOTRs and ASOIAF are so expansive, they have room to blend genres. Maybe you're blending setting and character driven genres, so perhaps it's a gothic cli-fi romance. I don't know.
  14. You actually haven't told us what the story is. Who wants what, and why is the actual story, not the background you've given here. I don't need to know specifics, just what elements are you emphasizing? Is it a character based story? Is it idea-based? is it setting-based, where the social or physical setting determines the fates of the characters? Is it events-based where there is no possibility of reversing the event, such as in tales of justice and morality or war? Is what happens affected by will-power or karma? Is it due to intrinsic mindsets of the characters, or external factors they cannot control? Are we judging the outcome as good or evil? Are we judging it as rational or irrational? Are we judging the outcome based on the quality of ideas and the greater effects on society, because everyone's character is grey rather than good vs evil?
  15. epilogue to the Conan Hot Ones saga
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