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  1. So according to this video Amazon, HBO Max and Apple have been interested in continuing the Expanse. Discussions didn't go anywhere at Amazon (and their 2 year option for continuing still has one year remaining). Interest waned (but not completely gone) at HBO Max after Zaslav took over Warner Brothers. But Apple remains highly interested. A kickstarter for a comic book series set between Book 6 and 7 is raking in millions of dollars, and this IP ("Dragon's Tooth") is the basis for a spin-off that would be more attractive to HBO or Apple, because neither wanted to jump right to Book 7 material, and the main interest is becoming a larger, continuing franchise. Maybe Amazon will take note of the outside interest and reconsider their option.
  2. The fake trailer by Eli Roth in Grindhouse twelve years ago is finally becoming a movie. https://deadline.com/2023/02/addison-rae-eli-roths-thanksgiving-spyglass-1235268802/
  3. Steven Yeun cast for Thunderbolts, probably as Amadeus Cho. He's twice Cho's age but probably will be motion capture CGI most of the time, right? He can pass for 20 regardless.
  4. Dark / 1899 showrunners take over the Netflix adaptation of Something Is Killing The Children. It sounds like what I though Dark was going to be before I actually saw Dark. Seems like they're retreating to the safety of what they know how to do.
  5. Depends if they can find a window open in his itinerary.
  6. Trying to get into the new episodes of The Nevers, but I don't remember how most of these characters related to each other.
  7. How soon before someone publishes a chaptGPT rewrite Roald Dahl ?
  8. https://collider.com/new-hellboy-reboot-r-rating-details/ New Hellboy in development. But director Brian Taylor calls the Del Toro movies "massive scale space operas" so that's just daft.
  9. it's not the SAME window again and again, is it? Someone needs to be one of those caution cones near it.
  10. Nothing really to say Janet isn't the Wasp the title is referring to. The tomatometer audience score is 84%.
  11. Midjourney-generated B5 if it has been made during the ST:TOS era: Bester, of course.
  12. Did no one tell Picard that if you go to Z'ha'dum, you will die??
  13. Bill Watterson has published his first work in decades since Calvin & Hobbes. https://www.tor.com/2023/02/15/calvin-hobbes-creator-bill-watterson-is-back-with-a-fable-for-grown-ups-called-the-mysteries/ ] A few pages here: https://www.simonandschuster.com/books/The-Mysteries/Bill-Watterson/9781524884949
  14. No, it's like any streaming service, click play when you want to, pause when you want to... The posted times just mean you can't watch them earlier than that.
  15. The release schedule for the new episodes of The Nevers on Tubi is kind of weird. The first season is available tomorrow, and then the new episodes will be up beginning on Feb 14th at times seemingly picked by throwing a dart at a corkboard.
  16. I have no idea who Ontario Proud is. Anyway, Tory just stepped down. https://www.thestar.com/news/gta/2023/02/10/a-serious-error-of-judgement-mayor-john-tory-had-relationship-with-staffer.html
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