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  1. yes, today. It's also Eddie Vedder Day.
  2. My Festivus grievance is that it's also my birthday so I have double the grievances!
  3. There is nothing wrong with one story being like another. There is nothing wrong with being like Star Wars. There is nothing wrong with being NOT like Star Wars. Neither one is a criticism. It's a superficial observation. Avatar is like Fern Gully, or Pocohontas, or Dances With Wolves, whatever. But James Cameron know how to go past a thin story structure to create interesting characters with deeper themes around that structure. Snyder doesn't. He failed where Cameron didn't. I looked for deeper themes but there wasn't any.
  4. that's "the sky is green in both so they're exactly the same" kind of criticism.
  5. Reminder, not a thread for content. We have at least 3 of those already.
  6. Rebel Moon isn't Star Wars, that's just lazy criticism. It's more of a fairy tale / Chronicles of Riddick / D&D campaign setting.
  7. So is the Curator = 14 ? Considering the Curator didn't have Tennant's appearance, but varied between 4, 6 and 11, perhaps 14 does have some residual regeneration energy that will allow him to do that? The Curator also said his number was "extraordinarily high" so could be a similar splitting that happens way in the future post-15.
  8. https://www.streamtvinsider.com/video/mybundle-ceo-hundreds-cable-operators-drop-traditional-pay-tv-coming-years Days of the pay-TV on cable is reaching a twilight.
  9. I checked yesterday and out of thousands of audience score reviews for Rebel Moon only 5 were verified as actually having seen it. So like a 0.05% verified rate or something like that. Seems pretty stupid to allow the public to rate it before it's been released. Brigading and review bombing has been a problem for years, so RT must think the "engagement" is good for them. Its a wonder the studios don't try forcing them to fix that.
  10. If the look doesn't matter bring in 40 different actors and let them all be Kang. Say some unknown mysterious person (ie. Doom) made a counterstroke that altered all the timelines, and Kang is less of a threat and can be defeated, but that put control of the timelines into that person's hands.
  11. They didn't recast Jeremy Renner, even when he begged them to.
  12. https://variety.com/2023/tv/global/lord-of-the-rings-amazon-tolkien-estate-copyright-lawsuit-1235843726/
  13. Jonathan Majors trial wrapped up: * He was found not guilty of intentional assault in the third degree and not guilty of aggravated harassment in second degree. * guilty of reckless assault in the third degree and guilty of harassment. I think these are both misdemeanor charges. I watched a lot of the evidence and it seemed to me a lot of reasonable doubt. The jury asked for the charges to be clarified a number of times and I don't know if they got it right.
  14. Speaking of LOTRs, The Return of the King was premiered in theatres 20 years ago on the 15th. This article discussed how it "heralded the end of one Hollywood ageā€”and the beginning of our current one" of chasing franchise IP: https://gizmodo.com/lord-of-the-rings-return-of-the-king-20th-anniversary-1851090713
  15. I hope mentioned only in the sense that the concept is stupid and love is more than feelings, but requires interaction.
  16. I couldn't find the instagram post but here is the photo on twitter
  17. How did these clowns ever talk Harriet into signing over the rights??
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