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  1. As speculated, it's likely Donald Glover and Yvette Nicole Brown will be joining the Community movie. At least, Dan Harmon thinks so. I really hope it is a Search for Troy type adventure, where they have to trace all the things Troy's got up to in the years since they last saw him.
  2. That's interesting. I had to look his history up on the The One Wiki, and it states a bit of trivia at the bottom of the page that says Tolkien considered for a bit that Glorfindel might have been one of the Blue Wizards, but ultimately decided against it.
  3. A new Planet of the Apes trilogy is in the works, following the recent Caesar trilogy with Kingdom of the Planet of the Apes in 2024. Presumably this trilogy will focus all three parts on Cornelius.
  4. you mean Ghost...? The past week I've seen a lot of pages on facebook that the algorithm suggests to me proclaiming SNOW is "official" and beginning filming this December just makes me grind my teeth. Clickbait, clearly, to get people to subscribe to those HOTD meme pages.
  5. I was right about the Sokovia Accords being repealed, though I thought it would happen in the show.
  6. I thought it more that the Dance of the Dragons was deliberately written as a foil to ASOIAF. The latter has foils within it already, notably Theon being a foil of Jon. The Dance is a foil for a situation, which in the main hasn't happened yet: fAegon, Dany, and maybe others, re-enacting the Targaryen civil war, to show a different way things could turn out. This is more than archetypes. It's not meant to turn out the same way.
  7. Crew 5 launched (rewind to see crew boarding rituals etc.)
  8. Anson Boon? No, ought to be Anson Mount, with that Pike hair. I could see all Numenor falling for him. But that's the point, Harfoot and the other tribes of proto-Hobbit adapt from migratory foragers to sedentary agriculturists, their language is going to adapt too, and what they call themselves will. Hobbitish is a subdialect of Westron (the Common Speech), which descended from Numenorian's Adunaic. But the Numenorians haven't colonized Middle Earth yet so that influence hasn't happened yet.
  9. To be accurate: SpaceX donated 66% of the initial 5000 terminals shipped to Ukraine, the U.S. government paid for the other third, plus transportation on military cargo aircraft. An additional 10,000 terminals were sent in June, bringing the ratio to 89% SpaceX to 11% U.S. funded. SpaceX also waived the monthly operating costs for using them for all Ukrainians. U.S. expense was about $10M, SpaceX cost $80M so far and counting. Why 89% and not all? I'm speculating but the 11% most probably went to Ukrainian government users (including municipalities in the warzone), which SpaceX could not simply give without tripping over rules against companies donating to foreign governments because that would look like a bribe.
  10. Elves aren't Elves though, when they woke they invented words (and their language Quenya) and they called themselves Quendi. Dwarves aren't Dwarves either, they call themselves Khazad.
  11. Emma Caulfield will be returning to the MCU for her Dottie from Wandavision,role in Agatha: Coven of Chaos.
  12. I think the Multiverse saga's heart is about mentors and the young heroes they are mentoring. The Infinity Saga didn't do any of that, except with Tony to Spiderman, but that was more of a parent to child relationship. Younger characters deal with shame, confidence and identity issues. Middle-aged character deal with anger and control. The conflict between Steve and Tony were them dealing with anger. Older characters, particularly mentors, accept they don't have control, but they have to deal with fear. The Eternals was a Mage arc, which is about fear, dealing with choices the lead to mass death no matter which way they choose. That's ultimately what the Mulitiverse saga will lead to. Mentor characters like Strange and Captain Marvel, maybe Rhodey, and perhaps now Thor, will evolve into Mage arcs and have to make the choice about which universes to destroy to save the rest. But the other thing about Mage arcs is they have to learn to trust those younger heroes to make their own choices, when they no longer need mentoring. So we'll see those younger characters come into their own confidence, and the cycle continues.
  13. Guy spend 7 years trying to land his model rocket:
  14. Firefly Aerospace joins to the orbital launch club!
  15. Water triggered volcanic eruption was fine, maybe the best part of the episode if this was science fiction, but that's ignoring the strange magic-sword key mechanism for all the previously mentioned reasons. It's a magic sword used mechanically to do an engineering marvel? It would have been better if Arondir tried to destroy the sword by throwing it into the volcano to destroy it, and that triggered it magically. Then boom! regrets. Meanwhile Adar has chase him up the mountain and then is standing by laughing because throwing it into the volcano is exactly what he wanted to do. Or better yet: Adar does a blood sacrifice of Meteor Man, throwing him into the volcano to trigger it. It's a fantasy show, we want fantasy mechanisms for what happens, with realistic motivations, not science mechanisms with nonsensical motivations.
  16. She did tweet out the news and was congratulatory about it. Hopefully her and Glover's deals for it just weren't finalized and it'll come later.
  17. #SixSeasonsAndAMovie !!! A Community movie has been ordered at Peacock. Note Joel McHale accidently tagged Gillian Anderson instead of Gillian Jacobs.
  18. The Hulu series Reboot, by the Modern Family creator Steven Levitan, by the third episode has become an interesting metamodernist meditation on the sit-com genre itself. Every episode after the pilot is named after a past sit-com: New Girl, Growing Pains, Girlfriends, What We Do In The Shadows, so far, without actually referencing or making homages to any of them as far as I can tell, though I wonder if I'm just missing them. That Rachel Bloom is one of the stars but isn't writing and producing this is surprising to me, as a fan of her Crazy Ex-Girlfriend. The pilot is immediately interesting but then became worrisome when they brought in the Paul Reiser character. Him taking over the show seems like a bad idea because all he wants to do is the same kind of comedy that was going out of style 20-30 years ago. Fortunately Reboot is doing more than that. Rachel Bloom's Hannah opens by pitching a show to Hulu. She's known for comedy which they call edgy, so are shocked when she pitches a reboot of an old early 2000's sit-com called Step On Up, but she pitches it using the same cast as the original, with a more realistic take, for example having the main male lead played by Keegan-Michael Key as having a dark secret that is revealed at the end of the pilot-within-the-pilot: a secret that is actually reflective of the family secret Hannah endured growing up. It's a good twist that makes sense of the Paul Reiser character barging in to take over the show. Eventually they agree to be co-showrunners, and it comes together as a good duality integrating the old-style traditional sit-com and the meta-commentary style of post-postmodernist comedies. Not sure yet how close to 30 Rock this will feel, I'm hoping for something more, but that's not a bad thing if it were similar. Judy Greer, Johnny Knoxville and Calem Worthy also star as the Step On Up actors.
  19. Posted this in the wrong thread: If they're going from 25m episodes at 20 episodes per season, should be pretty easy to adapt to 8 to 10 one-hour episodes and remain pretty faithful. Any word on season length and episode runtime?
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