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  1. Yes, that definitely was incorrect. Tense though! Surprised they didn't kill off someone in that fight.
  2. Terry Bisson died yesterday at 81. https://boingboing.net/2024/01/11/science-fiction-author-terry-bisson-dead-at-81.html
  3. Watch the teaser on Netflix for the english version https://www.netflix.com/watch/81745051
  4. I think it's a continuation of their ire since her tour started because she tells her fans to register to vote, and actually set up booths at every one of her concerts to register people.
  5. I Found David Lynch’s Lost Dune II Script https://www.wired.com/story/david-lynch-dune-sequel-script-unearthed/ wtf:
  6. Seems like this will be the first time in Hollywood history the top billed actor on a live action movie will be mainly a voiceover, assuming Pedro Pascal is not going to be on set all that much.
  7. Not a surprise, Ahsoka renewed for a second season.
  8. Really clean first launch of Vulcan, but unfortunately the Peregrine lander is having issues with a critical loss of fuel. It likely will be unable to land.
  9. ULA is attempting to launch their Vulcan rocket for the first time in about 40 minutes... 2:18 AM EST, January 8, 2024. The Vulcan is just the first stage, using Blue Origin's BE-4 methalox enginess, while the upper stage is ULA's Centaur. This is called the Certification-1 mission, and it'll have payloads -- the first is the Peregrine Lunar lander for Astrobotic, in fulfillment of their NASA contract in the Commercial Lunar Payload Services program. Peregrine itself is carrying 20 payloads to the lunar surface. Astrobotic aims to be a shipping company like a Fed-Ex for the Moon. The second is Celestis Memorial Spaceflights deep space Voyager mission known as the Enterprise Flight -- sending ashes to the moon to spread human remains... I have questions about that, but it's late. More details: https://www.ulalaunch.com/missions/next-launch/vulcan-cert-1 Launch stream:
  10. Seemed like Thor if he had gotten Hulkified. Finally the strongest Avenger.
  11. No. She's a new character not from the comics, but apparently is now in the one of the games. Basically giving Captain Marvel's powers to her, but all the surrounding mythology is based on real world Mohawk nation legends.
  12. Nice to learn Kahhori was voiced by Devery Jacobs from Reservation Dogs.
  13. Worst dubbed lines for tv versions of movies.
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