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  1. Beating them at the booth and deplatforming them is effective, but they won't simply evaporate. Not with QAnon fans in the Senate and over 70 million people who voted for Trump after everything that happened since 2016. Failing to recognize and curb the development of parallel, incompatible mainstreams will be extremely dangerous in the next decade.
  2. I think that's unnecessary, and an increasingly dangerous belief to hold. We should rather accept that we have only the world we're in, and that it is ours to keep or lose. There is a temptation to extrapolate a gradual improvement to living standards from the past century into the future, out of an ideological commitment to optimism. We're facing disasters on environmental, political and economic fronts, and a bit of humility could help us loosen our assumptions and design radical changes to our behaviour.
  3. Is this not the entire point of the Second Amendment? IIRC it's why the Black Panthers armed up.
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    Welcome to the forums, Cassana :) . There's an introduction thread pinned on top of the list here in General Chatter, you can post there as well if you want.
  5. You don't think she has a heroic death coming along at some point?
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    Welcome all :) Ahaha....you are going to love aSoS.
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    No one else even knows what water polo is this far west! Anyways hydrodynamics was serious business in the school team :P
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    Thanks for the welcome :P
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    Hello, my name is Adam and I've been following the SoIaF books since I turned fourteen. Two years after that I discovered this site and I've been lurking here ever since. Now I'm twenty. It's a long time to lurk. I know you people. I'm half Libyan and half Serbian, studying engineering in England. Ask me for anything else =D.
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