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  1. That's a question that only Russians can answer
  2. What was the problem with their Palestine report?
  3. I don't think commenting on the struggle translates to active support, from any of us. And it looks like Russia is a pariah in (mostly western) parts of the world that share an ideological slant... but it was a pariah there before, too. Africa, China, India and parts of LatAm seem vaguely uninterested.
  4. In their defense, we really failed to adequatly arm the Iraqis against the invader. The mess still ended up lasting like 6 years.
  5. Good point. Invading sovereign countries is bad. I wonder who the clear victor in that category is.
  6. No, the core of it is tribalism with some weird calvinist-derived prosperity gospel. If it wasn't Christianity, it would have been some paradoxical, libertarian-inspired Cult of the Free Man, with privileges for the in-group.
  7. I don't think it can be boiled down to any eight letter word. Plenty of factors allowed the conservative movement in the US to turn into a pulsating sphere of narrativist extremism.
  8. https://www.reuters.com/world/us/us-supreme-court-expands-state-power-over-tribes-win-oklahoma-2022-06-29/ I didn't see this get linked earlier in the thread. But this is bad, right? Like settler-colonialism-level bad? Is SCOTUS just an inverted totalitarianism machine?
  9. Good point. Might be that by "bipartisanship", some voters actually mean to say "you should come closer to my position; I'm not moving".
  10. The underlying implication is that you'd like to fix things through violence. That's not okay.* *In a western country. It's okay if it involves invading a MENA country.
  11. Is there an internationally recognized genocide going on?
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