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  1. An Alien in an alien land.

  2. I liked it, thought they should have finished the Castle Black stuff (seems like there is a LOT to include next week) but still good. Sad that Pyp and Grenn died...
  3. I'm still on the fence with that they are doing with Bran, the Reeds and Hodor. No, scratch that, I don't like what they are doing with Hodor... poor guy, doesn't need to be tortured or forced to kill a man with his bare hands...
  4. Sad little King of a sad little hill.

  5. I agree... Season 2 was my least favorite, but I have been loving season 4. Loving.
  6. The Sad King will have his due

  7. What a waste was Locke....

  8. Tommen sure got old

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