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  1. 1/10 The plot holes are so big it's going to turn into a black massive hole by next season. I do believe Shireen will die burned, but definetly not by Stannis. I'm a little happy they didn't spoil the books for us with this but it was an aweful choice to burn Shireen just for warm weather and food, doesn't sound like Stannis. Dorne, crappy like always. Bad story, regular acting. Arya's story this week was way so sloppy. My biggest problem was The Pit. I mean..what the hell? the Lorax/Dario/Dany conversation was meh. What's the point of having Tyrion there anyway? He got to see some dragons at least. Oh, and save Missandei. You know St. Tyrion. The bad CGI in the episode was over 9000! Dany flying over Drogon needed a bit of that Hardhome money so bad. Huge let down. Edit: I hope Sansa dies next week.
  2. This is a reflection of how I was feeling while watching the episode. Much unnecesary changes.
  3. I still can't get over that end of season. Many things that were not necesary. No big wow at the end. It was like going to a fancy restaurant, order a great meal and get a frozen dinner. I have hope for the next season, tho. And my unsuilled boyfriend did liked the season finale.
  4. I gave it a 5. It was a huge dissapointment for a season finale. If it had been a regular one, it would have been a 9/8. First I saw there would not be Lisa/LF wedding because the preview didn't mention LF. Wich is fine for me, no biggy. The GreyRobb scene wasn't that strong like I thought it would. Tho, my unsuiled boyfriend looked terrified. I don't know if I liked that Arya saw that, somehow I do. But in a regular mind of a girl I think it would have been too much. But it's Arya. The Tyrion/Sansa scene was unecesary. One comment my sister made me was that some things got so fast, like the super fast ravens or Sam getting super fast to Castle Black or Ygritte finding Jon without Tormund. Dany's scene was..beyond bad. It was funny in the wrong way. I was expecting vuvuzelas and flags like if she have just won a race in africa. Yara/Asha ''I'm going to save my little brother'' argument was wrong. Since many things happened within days after the RW, of course I was expecting the season to end with LS. I know it takes days after the RW for her to be found, but ravens can fly from Castle Black to dragonstone in a day or so, then why not at least a wink of LS... Btw..what's up with the Jaime/Cersei early reunion..? No Coldhands yet. It's okay still, but if they cut him off I will be seriously angry. In my opinion, it do was the worse season finale because they could have done things better. I usually don't get to picky and I love changes from the book that work..but this time it was a bit too much. Still, I will expect anxiously for next April.
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