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  1. Gave it a 9. The good stuff was very good and the bad stuff wasn't too bad. The wight hunt will continue to be the biggest plot gap in this show because there's no real way to turn your brain off for it. You have to play a lot of mental gymnistics to make it work. Hopefully, now that they have reached the end of this season, the final season is pretty straightforward and I can finally move on from this fandom and forum
  2. Gave it a 9. I felt like it was one of the stronger 'filler' or 'setup' episodes in the series and the writing was much improved. Ed Sheeran kinda broke immersion for me but I didn't hate it as much as others Now that I think about it, 8 would probably be a better score as I think there weren't many standout moments outside of the opening and Rory's acting. Did like the opening scene to the Citadel. That was some brilliant editing that genuinely made me wanna puke. I do think too much time was spent there for a lack of payoff though
  3. Jesus, these last two episodes were incredible. After years of waiting and waiting.. DAENERYS IS FINALLY COMING TO WESTEROS
  4. 10/10 One of the best episodes of the series. Both Mereen and the North were amazing today. This was straight up cinematic. It's not TV. It's HBO
  5. This is the first 10 of the season IMO. Strong in all storylines -The North is starting to pick up. Sansa is becoming the powerful Queen she was meant to be. All going to build up to the Bastard Bowl (GET HYPE) -Arya's episode this week was pretty entertaining. Reminded me of the Ember Island Players episode of ATLA -Jorah and Daenerys was done pretty well -Red Priestess made Mereen pretty good today. Helps that Dinklage and Hill are both superb actors -And Bran. Wow. The last 20 min were intense. We know that the Others were created by the Children during the war with The First Men. RIP Summer and RIP Hodor. Saddest death since the Red Wedding
  6. If the show is diverging from the books, I blame Martin a lot for that. I honestly think D&D expected TWOW to be out by now as a lot of us did. So now they just have to use a few notes about the endgame and write their way there. If Martin had gotten the books out the last 10 years, this problem wouldn't exist. He signed the deal with HBO in 2008. No excuses for the glacial pace of his books. I wouldn't have adapted AFOC or ADWD directly from the books either
  7. I really liked this episode. It was nice to see a Stark reunion after so long and the scene was done very well. I remember in AFFC that Sansa said she would love to see Jon again and the reunion went about as I thought it would in the books. Probably my favorite moment of the episode Also, Daenerys finally got the Dothrathi back on her side. Guess she's gonna use them to secure Mereen. I'm still not feeling Kings Landing. It feels like the storyline there is just filler till Dany finally invades
  8. Man, I'm watching this with two people that haven't read the books. This is gonna be epic.
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