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  1. Thanks for the love homie
  2. Absolute shit. 1/10. I expect better.
  3. Easy. The Worst episode I have seen. The writers must have decided the book wasn't good enough. So they changed a few things, cut shit out, did a rewrite. Now Shay is looking like a hero and more likeable than Stannis. Deciding to exceute dudes at the drop of a hat. Mel saying go save the wall. "Yes Mastah". I say it again: Mel's slave. To an average viewer of GOT I don't think they can respect him. About John Snow: John Snow looked weak, crying like a ho. I couldn't believe that shit, I literally laughed. Pathetic and I know that shit wasn't in the book. This shit is wild. They have decided they can do whatever they want, readers can go to hell. Surprised they didn't make Rob beg for his life last week end.
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