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  1. thanks :cheers: and as for the bit about Gendry its possible - people have named so many different characters as a possible AA that its hard to pick lol i've now heard Stannis, Jon, Dany, Jaime, Brienne, Gendry... and thats just trying to remember off the top of my head without finding the appropriate threads... (ps are the red priests even sure there will BE one in westeros or are they mixing AA up with the Last Hero - i never heard AA until Mel none of the characters had either lol)
  2. Hey fair do's i didnt know :unsure: i only found this thread a couple of nights back, i can only comment on things already on the board though lol - just out of curiosity whats your new theory? (if you wanna share obvs) :lol:
  3. While i hope that it wont need to be run through the heart of any character i like im not sure why everyone seems to think the sword is already forged and therefore just lying areound waiting to be used, while that is indeed possible if it is Ice, Longclaw or Dawn etc the mention is 'and he will draw a sword from the fire and that sword will be Lightbringer and he will be AA come again' isnt it? now to me this could mean that AA mark 2 will turn a new sword into LightBringer mark 2 by drawing it from a fire though not necessarily by killing anyone - if what is necessary is heartsblood there are other ways than killing a loved one im sure... thoughts?
  4. There's also the fact that she murdered at least 2 people with shadowbabies (when Stannis had offered Renly a night to 'strike his banners' Mel didnt even wait for the deadline) and was willing to murder innocent children to use magic that would supposedly 'wake the dragon' ... or is that just me?
  5. learning more about/stopping the others? would explain why he didnt return at the appointed time...
  6. UnVictarion? the priest says he is a deadman already when he 'heals' his arm - the rhllor undead ceremony? also the vision of dany's 'a corpse with grey lips smiling sadly standing at the prow of a ship' his goal is to find dany - may be wrong here but it fits... and as someone else said ealier robert strong or as he is affectionately known UnGregor!
  7. where has the 'like' option gone?