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  1. You would have to start from the beginning and mix things up a bit. For instance the content of books 4 & 5 would have to be put in order to make sense to the viewer.
  2. Ian McEhinney just joined the ranks of GOT cast members who were on Doctor Who. It's getting harder and harder to watch that program so I almost missed it.
  3. Katheryn Winnick- Val Karen David- Arianne (She played Jasmine in Once Upon a Time and was in Galavant) Haley Attwell- Miranda Royce Lana Parrilla- Barbary Dunston Tessa Thompson- Sarrella Sand (might be a bit of a stretch) Toby Stephens- Jon Connington Katie McGrath- Yillisa Royce Bradley James- Harry Hardyng
  4. He's also the title character in "The Mandalorian".
  5. She would have been trained for it though.
  6. Pedro Pascal is in Wonder Woman 1984. He plays Maxwell Lord, That character was originally patterned after actor Sam Neil in the comics, so it may seem like strange casting...but I'm sure he will play the hell out of it!
  7. 1st- Wrong forum. 2nd- Don't let the door hit you on the way out.
  8. A whole lot of things needed to go down differently for it to happen. (Fan fiction stuff) But, you know, I'm not all that sure they would have been compatible, depending on which Marg we are talking about. (Show or book.)
  9. If the books are sufficiently better than the books, maybe an animated series? Engulfing everything?
  10. The timeline doesn't really work in the books either. It's just what the people called it.
  11. Looks like I have to follows myself. The forth coming "Marvel's the Eternals" stars Richard Madden as Ikarris a super powered immortal and Kit Harrington is playing Dane Whitman A.K.A. The Black Knight. This should be a real stretch for Kit, he play a hero who dresses in black, has a sword that can cut through most anything...rides a magical winged creature...gets involved with a powerful woman who eventually goes mad...oh. I see what they are doing. Okay. I almost forgot, Ian Glenn is playing Bruce Wayne/Batman in season 2 of 'Titans' on the DC streaming service. (Retired Batman?) I don't subscribe to it so will never see it!
  12. I no longer know how to make links. Could someone out there link the trailer for "Last Christmas" starring Emilia Clarke? It's a RomCom but considering the character she plays had serious health issues, it probably hit pretty close to home for her!
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