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  1. I personally think that the problem was the writing and I can't imagine anyone doing much better with the same material.
  2. Sorry for not getting back to this sooner. I mean MMD died when she hatched the eggs and as other pointed out all those Kal's dead when she burned the temple, so I think she would have to be actively seeking and achieving someone else's death in the process of getting hit with the wildfire.
  3. Emilia is doing "The Pod Generation" which is described as a "sci-fi romantic comedy".
  4. Bring some good archers! Bring some lances! Bring pikes and halberds!
  5. If their was a human sacrifice involved? To survive it I mean.
  6. Jacob Anderson is in what's going to be on Jodie Whittaker's last season of Doctor Who (I fell so sorry for him) and the he's doing a series version of Interview With The Vampire, which I think is on Netflix. (Grey Worm B.T.W.)
  7. I saw it. She also has a role in the upcoming Marvel project "Secret Wars". Speculation is she will either play a Skrull or Spider-Woman.
  8. It has been quite a while since I've read the books. The mind plays tricks.
  9. I guess I'm going to follow myself here. Pedro Pascal and Bella Ramsay are both going to be in HBO's 'The Last Of Us', it's based on a video game.
  10. Ramsay Bolton Iwan Rheon is playing a leprechaun on season 3 of "American Gods". In the up coming adaptation of Neal Gaiman/DC Comics "Sandman" Charles Dance is playing Roderick Burgess one of Dream's captors and Gwendolyn Christie is playing Lucifer Morningstar-and yes this is the same character that the "Lucifer" TV series is based on, but I don't remember anything in the original comic that would make the character HAVE to be male! Also the character was drawn very androgynously back then, and a fallen angel can be whatever gender they want.
  11. You would have to start from the beginning and mix things up a bit. For instance the content of books 4 & 5 would have to be put in order to make sense to the viewer.
  12. Ian McEhinney just joined the ranks of GOT cast members who were on Doctor Who. It's getting harder and harder to watch that program so I almost missed it.
  13. Katheryn Winnick- Val Karen David- Arianne (She played Jasmine in Once Upon a Time and was in Galavant) Haley Attwell- Miranda Royce Lana Parrilla- Barbary Dunston Tessa Thompson- Sarrella Sand (might be a bit of a stretch) Toby Stephens- Jon Connington Katie McGrath- Yillisa Royce Bradley James- Harry Hardyng
  14. He's also the title character in "The Mandalorian".
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