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    How would you rate episode 309?

    I found the Red Wedding seen to be really disappointing, I felt like i was suddenly watching a scene from Saw not GOT. There was no suspense or dread just plain old shock value, as a reader i found this cheap and incredibly underwhelming as i have been hanging out for this episode for what feels like forever. Some important plot building details that i felt crucial to the making the scene a success were left out. 1) the conversation between Rob and Roose were they discuss the addition of Roose troops to the army. 2) Roose handing a piece of Theon's skin to Catelyn 3) The loud terrible music 4) the presence of Rob's loyal Northern banner men I dont think the show writers and directors truly managed to show the level of betrayal by Roose and Walder Frey to not just Rob but the whole North and Riverlands. I am a lover of the show, i hope they get back to their usual high standard