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    Swimming, running, doing taekwondo, raging, my girlfriend (there's nothing in this world I love more than I love her), cigarettes, rap, indie rock, beer, going out with my mates and obviously A Song of Ice and Fire!

    I've loved reading since I was 8 years old when I first read Ham on Rye, by Charles Bukowski (a great novel btw).

    Contact me if we share some interest or if you just want to talk to me ;)

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  1. Keep me high, drugs is close, watch the world go up on smoke

  2. I'm surprised by the astonishing amount of knowledge on this forum, I love it here, a great plac e to discuss about one of my passions... and I realized I haven't both

    1. Makes No Sansa

      Makes No Sansa

      ered my friends and relatives by telling them things about ASOIAF... lol

  3. Makes No Sansa


    Hi everyone! My name's Bruno, I'm 16 and from Barcelona, Spain. I've read all the existant ASOIAF books, and I'm looking forward to get the new ones as soon as GRRM finishes them, I guess it's gonna be a veeery long wait, so I'll use this forum as a passtime, it must be funny to talk about the saga. As someone from this forum said once "speculation is half the fun". C U over here!!