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  1. The Mountain That Flies

    What if Balon was smart?

    If Balon were smart he would; -Not have attempted his first rebellion without cultivating guaranteed allies first. Assuming others will follow your lead is a good way to wind up acting alone. -Have attempted to have some say in Theon marrying someone of value, and having at least a few proposals in place for Asha. Marriage alliance are insanely valuable in this world, and historically even the Ironborn have recognized that. -Have negotiated a plan with Tywin before attacking Robb. As Tywin himself says, there’s no need to pay someone who’s already doing a job for free. -Had a clearly defined succession plan in place, and kept active tabs on Euron. Both of these failures show Balon’s poor understanding of his own people.
  2. The Mountain That Flies

    How did Ned learn where Lyanna was?

    Wasn’t Gerold Hightower sent to get Rhaegar during the war, then wound up just swapping places with him? Someone would hve had to have known where Hightower went, and Ned deduced from there that this was Lyanna’s likely location.
  3. The Mountain That Flies

    secret service/mission impossible

    Yeah, any kind of intelligence operation would be best funneled through the maesters and septons. Just piggyback on what they already have, then partner with one or two Northern/Iron Island houses who want to advance their positions for serving as extra eyes/ears in the more remote regions.
  4. The Mountain That Flies

    what really caused the doom of valyria?

    I’be wondered about this. One possible explanation is that assasinating the one sorcerer caused a slight problem with the Fourteen Flames, but not the full eruption. This having been the first time one such individual was killed, the Faceless Men then deduced what would happen if they killed more, which they then did of their own accord. It’s not perfect, but it does close the hole (or at least tightens it).
  5. The Mountain That Flies

    robb response to iron island invding north

    What was wrong with how he handled it? He was thousand’s of miles away when it happened, made plans as quick as he could to get home, then was betrayed en route. Admittedly we don’t know if his plan to re-take Moat Cailen would have been successful, but on the surface he reacted about as well as he could to the situation.
  6. The Mountain That Flies

    red wedding

    The Bolton’s got Frey reinforcements out of the arraignment (among other thing), which has clear value for protection.
  7. The Mountain That Flies

    Heir of Viserys II

    The amount of strict rules-followers that populate a royal court would have flipped shit over a move like this. As a Prince, the future Aegon IV was well-like and already had an heir of his own in place. There’s little precedent at that point in athe Iron Throne’s history for such a swap, and not knowing what Aegon would become very few people would have accepted that. Plus there’s the inconvenient fact that being a great knight does not neccersaily make one a great king. The Dragonknight May have been a poor administrator who would have them been dealing with a potential insurrection. This seems like a far more reasonable approach. Daeron was already married by this point, so stability and succession would not have been affected like appointing the Dragonknight would have done.
  8. The Mountain That Flies

    lightbringer is not necessary

    Lightbringer is meant to be a metaphor, not a literal sword. Top contenders for the actual version of it are the Night’s Watch (“I am the sword in the darkness” or whatever the quote is) and Dany’s dragons (which are literally called “fire made flesh”). Both involved the personal sacrifice of a romantic partner by their respective Azor Ahai candidates, as well as a trial-and-error process of refinement. Their value in effectively countering the Others is obvious, and given the author’s propensity for messing around with myths, seem far more likely than an actual flaming sword.
  9. The Mountain That Flies

    What if Vargo Hotah castrated Jaime?

    He would have died. As it really happened his wrist wound became infected and he very nearly lost the whole arm. Genital mutilation (or wholesale removal) would have been messier, to say nothing of the effect riding on horseback to Harrenhall would have had.
  10. The Mountain That Flies

    Inn At The Crossroads

    This is a remarkably good plan with limited risks. Also I love dark beer. I’d like to buy some shares, please.
  11. The Mountain That Flies

    Which kingdom would you let secede if you were king?

    The North is the easiest to contain should they prove hostile as a separate kingdom. I don’t know that the precise economic contributions of each kingdom have been firmly cemented enough to fully judge that, but aside from the possibility of timber I don’t see the rest of Westeros losing much with the North gone.
  12. The Mountain That Flies

    Drogon's Fighting Worth

    Have to disagree. A larger dragon, with a larger mouth/head, should be able to produce a larger stream of fire. Besides the obvious value there, there’s also the psychological push a larger dragon would yield.
  13. I see where you’re coming from with that, but I don’t think this issue would have been as pronounced as it was for Cersei and Robert. A Cersei/Oberyn lineage wouldn’t have been in line to inherit anything, so the threat bastards theoretically pose is significantly smaller. While there’s still a social shame element, if the family lived in Dorne there would have been no group of their peers pushing that, if anything there would have been people openly explaining to Cersei how it was ok. Also Oberyn would have been encouraging of her having multiple side partners just like he had, which would have blunted the rage she may have instinctively felt on this issue.
  14. Rhaegar’s melocholy would have eventually bored/annoyed Cersei, though at a much slower and less violent pace than Robert’s unique negativity affected her. I doubt her relationship with Jamie would have been the same, but they probably would still fooled around a bit. In truth, the only potential partner for Cersei that would have truly satisfied her was Oberyn.
  15. The Mountain That Flies

    House Bolton vs. House Greyjoy

    1. The Greyjoys don’t know how to rule, so Boltons by default. 2. The Ironborn would have done literally the exact same thing if given the opportunity. And no, there is no situation on Planetos where Ramsay can be defined as “the better man”. 3. The Boltons, simply by virtue of the fact they destroyed more Ironborn garrisons. 4. The Greyjoys, simple because we’ve been introduced to two complex memebers of that family (Theon and Asha), whereas literally every Bolton we’ve met has been a monster (Domeric doesn’t count because we only hear about him from a biased perspective). 5. The Greyjoys, just based on statistical probability. The only two Bolton’s are not only in a direct line of fire but are just as liable to kill each other. While three of the four living Grejoys would like to kill each other and are also in direct danger, there’s less overlap than here is for the Bolton boys. 6. They’re both awful people, but Roose at least has a sense of humor and knows how to plan ahead. 7. Theon. Honestly the fact this would even be a debate is kind of silly, his chapters are some of the best in the series and Ramsay is as absurdly written as the Masters of Slaver’s Bay. 8. Robb losing the North improved Roose’s opportunity to betray him, but the mindset was there from the start due to Robb starting his rebellion in a weaker position than where Ned started his from. If Roose honestly felt he was better suited to the job, he could have taken his men and left when the Karstarks did and gotten right back to booting out the Ironborn. And if hurting the North was something Roose was opposed to, he wouldn’t have strategically weakened every house but his own through his battlefield choices.