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    [Book Spoilers] EP309 Discussion

    It was discussed earlier(and consider me in that crowd), that it probably took place off camera. That way, when the will comes up it will have an uplifting effect after all the North has gone through. Or just call it what it is. Building more drama for a TV show. I thought it went pretty well, I too thought the Northmen would put up more of a fight at least something. I was saddend that Roose's turn was so quickly shown. I was still hoping for him to come out of nowhere :dunno: . My (unsullied)wife jumped like crazy when it started. Nearly out of her seat when Talisa was stabbed, and almost couldn't finish it. Her response after was the almighty "I don't think I can watch this anymore" :devil: Alas, long live the King in the North :crying: Great episode.