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    This is a comment on your ice dragon theory.


    Maybe the foreign kingdom = Valyria. The ice dragon being able to easily kill their fire dragons is why they gave up on Westeros. Ice dragons melt when they die. The melted ice dragon is the pool r the winterfell godswood. Do you think it is possible to refreeeze the ice dragon? And Is Adara night kings wife?

  2. Immaturity kept me away, immaturity brought me back. :)

  3. You won't often hear me say this but I didn't hate it. Plot holes aside, only the battle of Winterfell was disappointing.
  4. Is there another way I can log onto the MUSH?
  5. Not sure if this is the right space to ask, but the MUSH link at the top isn't working. I've tried it on two different computers and I'm getting a 502 bad gateway message. I'm wondering if it's these computers I'm using or maybe I didn't download something?
  6. hmm... I'd like to see that sometime. would be interesting to see what kind of poems GRRM comes up with here. Any chance of this in the future books or show? ;)
  7. Nothing wrong with that. I also enjoyed Pedro as Oberyn. His acting for the part really sold it, and I enjoyed almost all of his scenes. In the end the way they wrote him I disagree with but it's not enraging like it is for other characters. It's just rather questionable, and at the very least I can see why they wanted to attack the audience with his presence. I probably would have made some similar choices had I been a showrunner, but then again if it was me I would've introduced him in "Dark Wings, Dark Words" as a parallel to introducing Olenna.
  8. He was cut, which IMO diminishes Oberyn's rather unique story of keeping a good relationship with a member of a rival family.
  9. It was cute but it can hardly be called fleshing him out more
  10. He writes porn poems now... did the show turn Oberyn into Rhaegar? :D
  11. Really going to have to disagree with the "more fleshed out" part. so much of his backstory and character is dropped in the show.
  12. Not seeing it. Some people are more just visually inclined than written media.
  13. As I said above, the problem fans are finding with him is that the subtly of his character is lost in favor of bombarding the viewer with who Oberyn is. That's how you know he's a wild card. Because the writers are slapping the viewers in the face with just how wild and different the new face is. He might as well have worn cards as his sigil and a sign that says "I am a wild card." The show is not good with subtlety. It's the same with Renly and Loras. They take the one aspect of their characters they need, overload it, and usually forgo all other aspects. Oberyn is the same in the books, he's just more subtle and reserved (as in, not obviously there to threaten the Lannister.) How do you reconcile his wedding talk with Cersei and Tywin in episode two with his later chat with Cersei? Honest question, because it really makes no sense to me. Plus, his brothel talk with Tywin (another straight disregard with who Tywin from the books is) seems to suggest he believes Tywin about not giving Gregor the order, yet when he fights Gregor he shouts "who gave you the order?" and points directly at Tywin. He still blames Tywin, which makes that brothel scene... well, filler. As far as the sex goes, I think the showrunners made it very clear that they wanted Oberyn as a sex character first, and everything else secondary. Their quotes before season four make that clear. I saw no insult there. Visually speaking, Oberyn is a "much more interesting character" because again, the showrunners do not do subtle. He did not mean scene-by-scene everything was in the books, he meant the persona was there, in a much more subtle way that didn't necessarily need to attack the reader to convey. There is a reason the character has achieved that level of popularity in the books even though not being so abrasive and obvious in the show. I don't doubt your reading abilities but to say it's not there is a disservice to the way these characters are written.
  14. I am most positive the problem with showOberyn is that in the books he is honestly not that big of a character. I think fans have built him up to be more than the book gave. He was there for the trial and trial by combat, but really didn't do much else. The show, running with the fan hype, wanted to make him "big" character... but what the hell was he supposed to do? What things did they know about Oberyn besides the two trials? hmm.... it's HBO so.... SEX!!! FUCKING! ORGIES! SEX SEX SEXY SEX!! BONER BONER UTERUS FALLOPIAN!!! If there's one criticism of the show that no one can dispute it's that there is too much superfluous sex, no matter the character, no matter the context. I did enjoy Oberyn on screen, but to say they turned him up to 11 is an understatement. They bombarded us in the face with Oberyn's "spear" before actually showing us his fight. I suppose it would have been a little bit of a spoiler showing him fighting before hand but there were much better ways to give Oberyn screen time.
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