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  1. dobegrrrl

    Purpose of the wall now ?

    I’m not sure if I saw this correctly, but in the scene where the Starks are preparing for their journey, and they show them packing weapons, did Jon roll up some dragon glass blades into some cloth? He might be playing it safe, and who could blame him?
  2. It makes me feel creepy to say this but they had more chemistry when they were younger. yup...creeped out. I think it played out more like a young girl with a crush then which seemed harmless. Maybe that makes me not so creepy
  3. dobegrrrl


    I agree that Bronn is perfect for this. He may also be counting on what Tyrion said way back in season 1, that if someone pays to kill him, he will always pay more. Tyrion might not have any money now, so Bronn will be faced with the decision whether or not to “not kill” Tyrion for free. I think this is his redemption arc, he chooses to fight the Others for “noble” reasons rather than taking the money and moving on to the next job like early Bronn would have done.
  4. dobegrrrl

    The importance of edd

    Obviously we don’t know who will be important in the books, but from the show point of view they could have chosen Edd to live because they prefer the actor’s skills for whatever they need the character to do in the future.