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  1. I have considered Varys, because Lysono Maar reminds me strongly of him. He doesn't seem to be Varys though. Varys is generally described as being plump, and I don't recognise that in the description of lysono. I don't think it would be Varys in disguise either, seems Varys seems to prefer dressing up as rather unnoticeable creatures. Besides that, Varys' disguises seem to conceal his identity a bit, but aren't faceless men good. If people take a second look at him they generally recognise him, which is probably why he dresses up as unnoticeable characters. In this disguise JonCon, being Aerys' former hand would definitely have recognised him. I don't think he's one of Varys ' spies either, since he doesn't fit into the little birds network idea. He might (a big MIGHT)be an ex little bird, a big bird so to say, but I don't think he'd be do obvious then. In my opinion the only thing that could link him toVarys, is that he could possibly be a eunuch, but at the moment I can't really see the purpose of that either, and not every effeminate guy is a eunuch of course. He's probably from Lys though, like Varys, but that still doesn't make him Varys, or means there's a connection. Except for the Varys vibe he has about him there are no real Varys hints. I'm certain Varys has spies in the Golden Company though, I just don't think lysono is one of them.
  2. @Lord Varys I agree that Lysono's involvement in the capturing of Storm's End is a bit far farfetched. However, I don't think Euron's involvement is. We don't know how much he does or doesn't know about anything, only that he might have some sort of foresight, or wizards. Euron could also want lysono to find something in Storm's End, if indeed there is a connection. We know he's interested in magical items. I've seen a lot of people speculate about whether or not a septon would believe in other gods, but I think the point of that passage is the mentioning of the storm and the sea God, and link Lysono (or something else in this chapter) to (probably) the ironborn. That also places Doran's question -why these storms never reached Dorne - in a different perspective. The ironborn never had much interest in raiding Dorne, but there might also be a more magical protection against the more magical ironborn aspects; sea and storm. Edit: Euron (or someone else) might also have had lysono infiltrate in the Golden Company without any knowledge of Aegon. It was known for quite some time that they were waiting for something. Anyone with that knowledge, who's smart enough, would like to have a spy there.
  3. Has anyone else noticed the Euron hints in this chapter? 1. The septon mentioned the 'stolen' daughter of two gods, which are the stormgod and the seagod respectively. If I remember correctly. Who believe in those 2 gods? The ironborn! 2. Lysono Maar is a strange and exotic figure wearing lots of jewellery who surrounds himself by what appear to be mutes. Now who else surrounds himself by weird, exotic looking people and mutes? Our dear friend Euron! I know this is a bit crackpot, but it stood out to me. Euron could have found some long forgotten info on capturing Storm's End, and lysono might be the reason why Aegon actually managed to capture the impregnable place. Haldon halfmaester seems surprised they don't know it yet, which seems to imply that Lysono must have known already. The question is: why would Euron have someone infiltrate the Golden Company, and support Aegon if he's after marrying Dany? I believe he might want to prepare the path for Dany by establishing the first Targ territories in Westeros, only to have Aegon killed (by Lysono) later, and take over his supporters with Dany. Aegon supporters cannot go back to supporting the Lannisters or Tyrells so easily after joining a Targ, because of treason, so joining another Targ would be the safer option. I know this is all highly speculative, but it doesn't seem entirely unlikely, and since Lysono must be working for somebody (must be, because both Arianne and Jon feel uneasy about him) and because Arianne thinks so explicitly about storm and seagod, Euron seems a likely candidate. Now I wonder why the storm and seagod never reach Dorne...
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