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  1. Nuncle Kraken

    How would you rate episode 309?

    9 I can't really put into words why just yet, but it felt off. Not by much...just something lacking. The whole Yunkai part made little sense, and usually Jorah's expressions enhance scenes, yet here he looks as if Darrio was dead...meh. Queenscrown...why not search the landlocked tower? Why didn't Orell fly his eagle into the window for a peek? Catelyn was amazing.
  2. Nuncle Kraken

    How would you rate episode 304?

    Agree strongly. Everything he does is worth watching. In a cast FULL of superb actors, he still manages to stand out without even speaking. It's part of the reason I believe after this season, it will be the best TV show ever. I'm a huge fan of The Wire. Tommy Carcetti is awesone in that show, yet the same actor playing Littlefinger gets lost in the shuffle. Amazing cast. D&D take a lot of heat, some of it deserved, but I'm so happy they put this series on TV.
  3. Nuncle Kraken

    How would you rate episode 304?

    I'm still in awe. That was so badass. What's really amazing is the quality of the acting. Jorah looking proud when Dany freed the unsullied was awesome. A fuckin' dragon is no slave!
  4. Nuncle Kraken

    [Book Spoilers] EP302 Discussion

    NCW is not actually a world class swordsman. He just plays one on TV. I'd imagine the fact he was wearing chains while not actually being a great swordsman would explain the fight. I figure they went with 3 eyed raven to keep some distance between the 3ER and crows of the NW. Jaime saying "you don't get to choose who you love" was an excellent scene. He has become Jaime Lannister to me. Awesome episode. My nephew hasn't read the books. He loves the show. It's his favorite TV show ever. His enjoyment of the show helps me to avoid ridiculous nitpicking. I mean, there are dozens of threads about dozens of characters with dozens of different posters all arguing different viewpoints on each character. It's silly to bitch that the show character doesn't exactly match your idea of who that character is. I just don't understand. Oh well, I'm enjoying the shit out of this show. Most of all I'm just grateful it exists. If it didn't, I doubt I'd have ever discovered what's become my favorite books ever.
  5. Nuncle Kraken

    How would you rate episode 301?

    After watching this episode for the sixth time, Davos' scene on the island is magnificent. The way his voice cracked when declaring his loyalty to "the one true king of Westeros, Stannis Baratheon", was very powerful. Liam Cunningham is absolutely killing it.