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  1. Seen a few suggestions that Bob could help out by agreeing to a guest spot on the show...
  2. That's...bizarre. The season hasn't even finished airing yet, and the marketing push they've given this on Disney+ in the UK is huge, and reportedly across Europe. I'm wondering if this is a miscommunication as they're moving the show out from FX and to a different part of the Disney empire.
  3. Got back into Age of Empires II and just finished my 14th campaign after 110 hours. There's 32 campaigns in total, 6 of which were added in the last year (via the Lords of the West and the Dawn of the Dukes expansions). That's also solely doing the campaigns, I haven't done any multiplayer, co-op or skirmish at all. Monstrous amount of content here.
  4. There's what appears to be a ruined radio telescope in the Black Hills, but I think that's only reported by someone else, not seen by any of the heroes.
  5. For all the good it did them (even with Spurs giving them an own goal to help them along). I suspect doing that may have pissed off Spurs supporters and players and gave them a reason to play better.
  6. Andor has the closest alliance of any kingdom with Tar Valon, so whilst the initial reason it only had Queens was a quirk of history, that influence I think made the idea stick. The assumption is that Tar Valon sent Queen Ishara advisors almost immediately after she helped raise the siege and their presence may have helped Ishara stabilise Andor more quickly than other nations. It should be noted that the two nations that most oppose Tar Valon, Tear and Amadicia, are also the two that given women least positions of power and authority, having none in Amadicia and only a moderate amount in Tear. There is one other outright matriarchy, though, with the city of Far Madding, and Mayene has only had female rulers for a while, although I think that was only a weird quirk of history as well (and had male rulers earlier on).
  7. In the original outline, the Cold War went hot and that's what led to the start of the Age of Legends (so the lances of fire around the world wasn't a threat, but what happened). Of course, the Cold War collapsed and ended just as RJ was putting the finishing touches to Eye of the World, so he possibly reduced or amended those references to account for contemporary events. But the Cold War references were (originally) germane to the backstory of the setting. The other things were just Easter Eggs. They're not continuous, but they are frequent enough that I think it's pretty clear even without the Word of God that it is the case. But it's not hugely in-your-face. I doubt they'll be showing the ruins of the Golden Gate Bridge and the other cheesy things they did in Shannara, given the time period in the books is probably on the order of 20,000 years (and possibly much more) in the future.
  8. Three episodes into Only Murders in the Building (Disney+ in the UK, I believe Hulu in the US). Outstanding so far, with a great cast.
  9. Yeah, in 40K they have a safe FTL drive which is basically the Alcubierre drive, but that's only effect for star systems that relatively close together. It would still take centuries to traverse the galaxy. For long-range jumps you need the Warp, which requires both the beacon of the Astronomicon (located on Earth, allowing for safe-ish warp transit within a radius of 50,000 light-years) and highly-trained navigation psykers, without which the ship would be lost/destroyed/Event Horizon-ed to hell and back. Even with those things, weird stuff can happen, like a ship comes out of jump ten years after it went into it, but only moments have passed inside. Dune alludes to that as well: there was/still is (and is used in the post-God Emperor stuff) a standard FTL drive which is still too slow to traverse long distances, so they developed the spice-driven fold system later on, after the discovery of Arrakis and the effects of melange..
  10. That's true. Episodes 7 and 8 were also only completed back in May, so they've only had six months to finish work on those (since they need the live-action plates to build the CGI around), and they might push up to the wire on those two, but the first six should have been done and dusted ages back.
  11. They just really need to follow the graphic novels and finish it when they end. There are ten original collections. They're currently somewhere in the middle of the first collection, so I hope they're not aiming for 10 seasons. That said, following the story fairly closely would still have a vastly much better story than The Walking Dead.
  12. Most TV productions use external companies to handle the CG, so the whole idea about the delay giving them more time to make the effects look better (not just for WoT but for every TV production out there) is a nice one but not really likely unless they also poured a lot more money into the team to account for the extra time they're spending on the work. So I suspect the effects won't necessarily look better given they've had 18 months to work on finished episodes rather than 6, since they'd have the same money and thus would have spent the same amount of time on them. Also, it's probably not a great idea to spend more time and money making your Season 1 effects look amazing when Season 2 onwards is going to have less time and money (i.e. the normal amount) to spend. LotR might be in a different boat, since they're simply pouring more than twice as much cash into it (and possibly four times, though I remain sceptical of those figures).
  13. Colin Farrell is completely unrecognisable as the Penguin. It is good that he was sensible and agreed to the fatsuit since his method thing of dropping and gaining weight in the past resulted in some health problems he took a while to get over. The trailer's okay, and it seems to be going for a less epic, more down-to-earth vibe than Nolan, which is great as we don't need that again. I'm not really feeling Zoe Kravitz as Catwoman though. And I'm not sure if I'm just way too Batmanned-out at the moment to get excited about another version. As least it doesn't seem to be an origin story, as such.
  14. Yorick claims to be trans to try to avoid detection. There are several other trans characters (one a regular, as Ran said) as well. The fourth episode goes into the situation in more detail, noting how certain rare genetic conditions mean that all women with XY syndrome died during the Event and I think there was some allusion to some men with XX syndrome surviving (but because XX syndrome-carriers are infertile, that's not much help to the survival of the species).
  15. One of the F1 blogs found a wild statistic: if he wins the championship, Verstappen will become the first F1 driver since Niki Lauda in 1984 to have not competed against Michael Schumacher. The winners since Lauda have been Prost (85-86, 89, 93), Picquet (87), Senna (88, 90-91), Mansell (92), Schumacher (94-95, 00-04), Hill (96), Villeneuve (97), Hakkinen (98-99), Alonso (05-06), Raikkonen (07), Hamilton (08, 14-15, 17-20), Button (09), Vettel (10-13) and Rosberg (16). Schumacher's career ran from 1991 to 2006 and then his comeback in 2010-12. Picquet retired after the 1991 season and Schumacher's last team-mate was Rosberg, with Verstappen joining F1 in 2015. Lauda was deeply involved in Mercedes' return to F1 in 2010, and worked closely alongside Schumacher during his second stint. For a driver with no connection to Schumacher at all, you have to go back to 1982's champion Keke Rosberg (father of Nico), who retired in 1986. Completely pointless but interesting factoid.
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