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  1. Dishonored 2 is a masterpiece so far. The first game was outstanding, but in the second game the level design goes completely nuclear in how impressive it is, helped by the PS4 generation allowing the levels to be a fair bit bigger (but not so bigger they get tedious). It's taken me 3 hours so far to do just the opening level (which is really just a prologue), the first full mission, which has a fairly sizeable chunk of Karnaca as a near-open-world playground of stealth and looting, and the start of the second mission in the scientific institute, which is a masterpiece of tight design and giving you so many options on how to deal with business, including an actual "release the hounds!" moment.
  2. That's a very hard one. Even things like Bakker's Second Apocalypse, Lawrence's Broken Empire and Abercrombie's books, where the main characters are reprehensible, have much worse threats waiting in the wings. I'm also really not sure Stover counts either. Caine/Hari is hugely problematic but the forces he is up against are ten thousand times worse. The only series that immediately come to mind are 1) The Sword of Truth by Terry Goodkind, though it was kind of unintentional and the books are shit, and 2) Mission: Earth by L. Ron Hubbard, where it was intentional and actually executed to completion (although undercut by the morally repellent supervillain as the first person POV being defeated and imprisoned in Book 8 and the last two books are from the POV of the milquetoast boring hero dealing with a more tedious side-villain), but let down by the books being really shit. Otherwise, Dune, mayyyyyybe (at least when the first three books are read together), but that's also arguable AF. The Sundering duology by Jacqueline Carey might count, although literally everyone in that is an arsehole, so maybe not. No, I don't think that counts.
  3. Apparently Vettel is also being investigated because his car failed to return the required fuel sample. You are allowed to run out of fuel after crossing the line, but there has to be enough residue in the car to get the sample back, that's why drivers are told to halt immediately if they can't make the final slowdown lap back to the pits. The Williams stopped in time, Vettel may not have done so. If he gets disqualified, that promotes everybody behind him: good news for everyone bar Verstappen, who'd get another point but Hamilton would get two more so he'd fall even further behind; however, fantastic news for Raikkonen, who'd get his first point of the season, and of course Williams would get even more.
  4. Whilst this is true, we do know that Delta is more easily transmissible than the original variant or Alpha, and the very rapid spread of the variant has shown this to be true. So the R number will be higher than prior variants in the same like-for-like situation/setting. I think the USA has started drawing close to its vaccine ceiling; not as low as some feared, but a great deal lower than most hoped. There's still quite a few people who can be convinced or talked into getting vaccinated, but it does look like there's a hardcore ~20% of people who will refuse to get vaccinated. That's a problem as it leaves the US total vaccination takeup at a lower rate than is ideally required for herd immunity against OG COVID, and way lower than for Delta, whilst the UK will get a lot closer (though even in the UK we're starting to bump up against younger people refusing to take the vaccine, though a lot of those can probably be convinced; the hardcore refuseniks hopefully will be well under 10% of the population, under half the problem in the US).
  5. Alex Kurtzman has extended his contract with Paramount+ until the end of 2026, which I'm sure will be news of joy to many.
  6. Hamilton complaining a bit too hard there. Alonso made the one direction change he was allowed each time. Hamilton actually bottled a good passing chance at least twice, if not three times.
  7. Vettel being summoned to the stewards for wearing his Pride shirt during the pre-race. Vettel unrepentant: "They can disqualify me if they want, I'd do it again."
  8. Gasly throwing his hat in the ring for Perez's seat (again). He held up Hamilton for several laps and then stole the fastest lap point from Hamilton at the end of the race.
  9. I don't think anyone was expecting Williams to get their first points for several years from a double points finish with Latifi leading Russell. Haha, the cars are all over the place. Both Williams and Ocon had to bail on the track because they ran out of fuel. And Seb as well, from the look of it.
  10. Carlos Sainz dictating Ferrari's race strategy from the cockpit and so far being proven 100% right. Also finding time to tell the camera helicopter to get out of the way as its turbulence is disrupting the aero on the track. Alonso and Hamilton having a 2007 flashback here. Holy shit. God-tier defending by Alonso here.
  11. Verstappen with an epic overtake on Schumacher. "Not bad with half a car." That was useful because Hamilton was pushing Gasly and Gasly was in danger of lapping Verstappen, which clearly would defeat the object of the inter-teamwork going on. Ocon doing an epic job of holding Vettel out of DRS range. Latifi looking hopeful for points and Russell offering to help out, which is great.
  12. He stayed on the intermediates (wet/dry tyres, only used for wet conditions) and the entire rest of the field pitted to switch to race trim tyres (mediums, I think). Hamilton was the only driver to start the race under the lights, did a slow first lap and then pitted, so everyone overtook him. That was possibly the dumbest team decision I've ever seen in F1. Gasly is also in the sister team to Red Bull and is not going to make Hamilton's life very easy. Oh, and his brakes are overheating in the turbulent air of the entire field, which the Merc is not designed to handle.
  13. Ocon with a shit-eating grin and Hamilton having to overtake a damaged Verstappen, which I doubt Max will be too obliging over (Gasly was very obliging there with Max). Sainz must feel he has a good shout here, he's easily in a faster car than everyone else ahead of him. Schumacher took out Mazepin in the pit lane! Unsafe release. He's bitching about not being able to catch the Alfa, I'm not entirely sure about that. Hungary is easier to overtake on than Monaco, but it's still one of the tougher tracks on the circuit, the straights aren't really long enough apart from the start. The Merc has far more traction and power, but the runs are short and the risk of just ploughing into the car ahead is high. Nico Rosberg being a bit too gleeful at Hamilton's misfortune on commentary. Calm down dude.
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