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  1. Werthead

    Tolkien 2.0

    John Howe's rendition from Unfinished Tales has always been my favourite.
  2. Interesting. There seems to be some confusion around this news, but it appears that 20th Century Fox is developing a 100% new reboot of Buffy with Monica Owusu-Breen as showrunner and reportedly an African-American actress in consideration for the role of Buffy Summers. This will be a ground-up, contemporary reboot. Joss Whedon is involved as producer and may co-write the first episode, but he won't be involved beyond that as he's working on The Nevers for HBO. I've seen some people speculating that this is actually a "Next Generation" deal, the new main character will be a new Slayer but not Buffy and some of the original actors may reappear. However, I think that's wishful thinking and conflating the new idea with Joss Whedon's ideas from last year, where he talked about a next generation story being possible but awkward (due to the ageing, however graceful, of the actors playing vampire characters). I think that recapturing the magic of the original show is going to be very, very difficult indeed.
  3. I think having minor previous Star Trek characters like Sarek and Pike in important roles is one thing, but Spock carries a lot of weight to him, and could overshadow the new characters. It's like how they were very careful about how they deployed the original characters on the spin-off shows and used them sparingly. We've also lucked out in having two great actors playing Spock, it may be unrealistic to expect them to find a third (I'm not sure they're even allowed to ask Quinto, due to the CBS/Paramount split rights thing).
  4. Season 2 trailer. Looks okay, dodgy music choice aside. I like the fact they've just confirmed Spock's not going to be in it (he's on leave from the Enterprise), but was surprised to see that Pike is going to be a much bigger part of the series than first expected. There's more of a sense of fun in this season and more of of the idea of the ship being out there doing missions, which is what the first season lacked. Also, whilst Season 2 won't air until 2019 (January, I think), we are getting four short episodes later this year called Short Treks, featuring Saru, Tilly and Harry Mudd.
  5. Nothing wrong at all with not liking Dark Souls. It has a particular appeal (for people who like games that punish them for making the slightest mistake and reward them for spending hours practising for single fights) and if you fall into that wheelhouse, great. If not, there's plenty of other games around. I really admire Dark Souls' hardcore attitude and by going against the grain of dumbing down gameplay difficulty for mass appeal which we've seen a lot in the last 10-15 years or so, but I haven't got the patience to really get to grips with it (plus the PC port was not great). Pathfinder: Kingmaker comes out in September. This looks a lot better than I was expecting: a Baldur's Gate-style RPG but with a strong Birthright-style realm management side-game added in, so you complete quests but also conquer lands and add them to you realm which you have to manage alongside the adventuring.
  6. Werthead

    Denis Villenueve to direct Dune

    A bit too old, I think. I could see him as Duncan Idaho though. If they also make all 6 Dune novels, he'd be the only person to appear in all of them.
  7. In a further example of the universe not making any sense any more, the MAGA dude who dug up the tweets is the former AngryGoTFan, formerly of this parish, I believe.
  8. Werthead

    More Things Star Wars

    I don't think so. It's solely the Siege of Mandalore arc which I think was planned to be 4-6 episodes at the end of Season 6. It'd be nice to complete those episodes as well to give us a complete Season 6. Maybe later if this mini-series is successful?
  9. Werthead

    More Things Star Wars

    Disney to launch new streaming service with a CLONE WARS mini-series to wrap up the original show. The mini-series will depict the Siege of Mandalore, Ahsoka Tano joining forces with Anakin to take down Maul (although we obviously know how that turns out) and this then segueing into the Battle of Coruscant that opens Revenge of the Sith. The circle is complete. Or will be in late 2019.
  10. Werthead

    Upcoming TV Series of 2018 - Your most anticipated shows

    Following that lot we'll also have Good Omens in the spring.
  11. I agree we should plan for it. A hard Brexit would be ruinous to this country, so if the choice is between a hard Brexit and no Brexit at all, we should plan for no Brexit at all, or an indefinite extension to Article 50 (the former option remains firmly on the table, according to the EU, the latter is less clear).
  12. So such smooth transition exists, because the UK's entire economy is rooted in its membership of the EU. Leaving the EU and trading under WTO rules leaves Britain permanently poorer than remaining in the EU. This is what will happen if we Hard Brexit without a deal: The morning after Brexit, border checks will be imposed all along the Irish border, at ferry ports and the Channel Tunnel. Whereas goods in the UK used to flow into Europe without a single check (and, despite this, delays and tailbacks at Dover and Calais were common), now they'll all have to be checked. There is also the matter of important licences, something Britain doesn't have to worry about now but will after Brexit. The EU issues 150 such licences a year to any country wanting to do business in the EU. There are roughly 11,500 trips across the English Channel related to trade, imports and exports per day. British companies will quickly be shelling out thousands of pounds per year to fund such trips, costs that will be passed onto consumers. As a result of the above, costs will rise in the supermarket and in most retail outlets very quickly. Britain's only produces about half of the dairy products it consumes on a daily basis, so costs will rise to import the rest from the EU or will rise because British farmers will need to charge more because of the loss of their export markets in Europe and the loss of their seasonal staff (tariffs on dairy to and from the EU are over 70%, as well). Tariffs will be imposed on a wide range of sectors. Industry and manufacturing will have to raise prices in the UK and abroad to make good the losses from the triple whammy of tariffs, problems getting the workers they need and the increased cost of haulage and imports. The imposition of a hard border between the Republic of Ireland and Northern Ireland will be a material breach of the Good Friday Agreement. A new agreement will have to be negotiated between Northern Ireland, the Republic and the UK, which was difficult enough in the late 1990s even after 30 years of continuous bloodshed and the political will being there on all sides, but may be impossible now. The "treachery" of the imposition of the border may trigger a new wave of sectarian violence in Northern Ireland (we've seen recent isolated incidents resulting from the freezing of Stormont, but this could be considerably worse). Britain moving to WTO rules with the EU would be matched by it having simultaneous WTO rules put in place for everwhere else, or every single other country that trades with Britain via the EU trade deals already in place (for example, we're about to enjoy seven months of more or less free trade with Japan that will abruptly end when Brexit cuts in). Budget airline travel to Europe will abruptly cease. Moving to no deal means a £93 Standard Visitor Visa per person per trip will be required (fancy adding £372 to a trip for a family of four to Spain?) or a Registered Traveller Visa which costs £70 but lasts you a year: hooray! Except you have to remember to renew it every year and you will have to carry it with you everywhere or you can be deported. Scotland and possibly Northern Ireland would be emboldened to strike for independence once more. Hard Brexiting without a deal should not be even remotely on the table. It would destroy British industries, drive thousands of people out of work and would raise the cost of living for a populace already very much on the edge due to Tory mismanagement of the economy and the country for eight years. It would also post an existential threat to the continuation of the United Kingdom as we know it.
  13. Cool. Age of Mythology Extended Edition has a 5-mission bonus campaign that was only previously available as a download from the developers' website. It introduces the 2 dwarves who randomly show up in the main campaign and explains what was going on with them whilst Team Arkantos was kicking butt elsewhere. I missed this at the time, so a nice bonus to get a few more missions from when the game was first made. I've heard mixed things about the new Chinese campaign (which is next, before the Titan expansion campaign, for some reason).
  14. Werthead

    Denis Villenueve to direct Dune

    I can imagine Denis Villeneuve suggesting this, the casting director getting a glint in their eye, and then Villeneuve choke-holding them to the floor and saying, "Do not even think of calling fucking Jared Leto. Do Not Go There."
  15. I've seen some negative reviews of it. The "eight paths" thing apparently backfires because the paths are all very samey.