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  1. A Game of Thrones has sold about 20 million by itself. All six Mistborn books combined selling more than 20 million might be possible. The last Sanderson figure I had was from about three years ago when it was 26 million total Sanderson sales, 16 million from his solo novels and 10 million from his WoT books. If that figure had increased significantly, then Mistborn making up the majority of sales (it's his largest series) is possible. It suggests Stormlight might be doing less well than you'd think, backed up by that statement from a year or so back that The Way of Kings had sold 1 million copies by itself, so the series as a whole well under 3 million. Overall, comparing the combined sales of 6 books to 1 and then boasting about it seems a bit weird, even if accurate.
  2. Werthead

    Videogames : Cyberpunk Samurai edition.

    We should be getting our first glimpse at Baldur's Gate III later today. There's a big launch event being held at PAX East and they're showing gameplay and hopefully confirming a release date.
  3. Remember Boris saying that funding for British farmers would not only be protected and maintained after Brexit, but would be increased to match the losses from EU funding and the open market? UK farming subsidies to be cut by 25%. UK government refuses to guarantee food standards to protect UK farmers from cheap foreign imports.
  4. Werthead

    Star Wars Novels/Graphical Novels 2

    A good example is here. And obviously watching the films, and noting that Abrams pulled a new Sith planet out of his arse (Exegol) when they could have used any one of several previously established planets in lore (Korriban/Pesegam being a key example) and about twenty thousand other things.
  5. Looks like we have the final director roster: 101/102: Uta Briesewitz 103/104: Wayne Yip 105/106: Salli Richardson-Whitfield 107/108: Ciaran Donnelly Based on Twitter posts, it sounds like they're heading into the filming of the last two episodes now, which makes sense is filming is due to finish in early or mid May.
  6. It does sound like the first new movie, the one Weis & Benioff were involved with, was going to be set in this period as well, so the logic was that we'd have a year and a bit of build-up before the film came out. Then the films got put on hiatus and delayed to 2022 (making it two years of buildup, but that could still work), then Solo bombed, then Weis & Benioff quit, then the Rise of the Skywalker underperformed, and Disney now have big headaches about how to proceed, so the next movie tying into this multimedia idea seems to have gone out the window.
  7. Werthead

    Star Trek Thread: Set Picard to Stun (spoilers)

    The Motion Picture is 100% unfiltered, undiluted pure Roddenberry. It was his vision for Trek should be, and TNG (at least the first two seasons, before Roddenberry was sidelined) draws very heavily on its influence. Whether it was what Star Trek should be is another question, but if Roddenberry had had his way, all of Star Trek would have looked like TMP.
  8. Yeah, coordinating a video game release, as in a proper AAA video game, with other stuff is almost impossible given the unpredictable nature of video game release schedules (when you can have a six or nine month delay just weeks ahead of the original release date).
  9. Lucasfilm have announced the next big thing, The High Republic, which will encompass books and comics only at first. It sounds like the rumoured movie is off the table for the time being, so this is going to be purely books and comics which is a bit underwhelming. The setting is 200 years before The Phantom Menace with the Republic and Jedi at their height before they are threatened by aliens apparently "inspired by Mad Max" who carry out a 9/11 style attack on Coruscant and the Jedi have to go hunt them down. The project will delve a lot into exploration and frontier mentality on the Outer Rim, which is newly settled at this time. Pretty negative reception from what I can see so far, with people pointing out the similarity to the Old Republic setting so why not just reboot that? Also the title seems ripe for mockery and one of the promo videos features the words "Sith Empire" on a brainstorming board, which suggests these aliens might be pawns of the Sith, which would clearly massively violate the prequel trilogy's establishment that the Sith hadn't been heard from in over 1,000 years. Otherwise, * massively indifferent shrug *
  10. Werthead

    Board games!

    The original was much more hoo-rah, 'Murica. The new one goes for a somewhat more nuanced take, with the USA building a massive network of lasers and orbital mirrors which they claim are for defence but can also hit any target in the world with a massive laser blast with no warning, which the rest of the world is a mite sceptical about.
  11. Werthead

    Videogames : Cyberpunk Samurai edition.

    FF7's English translation was appalling. They should do a lot better in the new version. Minecraft is still popular but it's nothing like it was 3-5 years ago, so I wouldn't be surprised if it was something of a bomb. Sonic and Pokemon are very long-running, multi-generational franchises with a huge amount of popularity, whilst the WarCraft and Assassin's Creed movies came out a long time after the popularity and awareness of those franchises peaked and started tailing off (AC has bounced back in games since the movie came out though), so they did much worse. It's why the Uncharted movie could go either way as well.
  12. When I see more Tories (of whatever or no faith) expressing concern about rampant antisemitism and Islamaphobia in their own parties, perhaps their interest in what's happening in Labour can be regarded as a genuine concern rather than political opportunism and the worst kind of point-scoring hypocrisy. The fact these comments have resurfaced even after years of Labour dealing with the anti-semitic problem and the leader seen enabling that problem is leaving shows the desperation involved as they realise the next leader may not be as vulnerable on the issue (particularly if it's Nandy, who has widespread support from Jewish groups) and they might not be able to use it as a club much longer (although if Long-Bailey gets in, they might well be able to). Comparing the climate crisis, which millions of people are dealing with right now through widespread flooding in parts of the UK and is a major problem for infrastructure, housing and food supply for the entire population for decades to come, to trans rights, which affects a much tinier number of people (not to say that makes it invalid, just less of an issue for the overwhelming majority of the population), is ridiculous.
  13. The Jewish Chronicle is a noted, strongly right-wing publication overwhelmingly supportive of the Conservative Party and the current government of Israel and massively critical of Labour. Saying that 90% of its readers think Corbyn is personally anti-semitic is like saying that 90% of Daily Mail readers believe that immigrants are evil or that 90% of Daily Express readers believe that Princess Diana's death is a conspiracy: it sounds like a damning statistic but it's actually factually meaningless, even moreso given its vastly smaller outreach. The publication doesn't even represent that many British Jews as a whole any more; it very nearly went bankrupt last year whilst other Jewish websites and periodicals did well. To the JC, Corbyn being anti-semitic or not is immaterial to their political purposes, for which it is only required that as many people as possible believe that he is and would vote Conservative instead. There are a very large number of left-wing Jewish publications and groups which are affiliated to the Labour Party and have been very highly critical of the anti-semitic problems in Labour, but have worked with the party to help root it out (such as the Jewish Labour Movement). Most of these groups take the broader view that there has been a major problem in the party but that Corbyn is personally not anti-semitic, just piss-poor at handling the situation.
  14. Werthead

    Star Trek Thread: Set Picard to Stun (spoilers)

    The crew numbers worked out pretty well. The number of crewmembers who actually died during Voyager's mission is extremely low, and the addition of Seven, the Borg kids, Neelix and 30-odd Maquis crewmembers brought Voyager's numbers up to full strength. There's a few times the crew count was wrong, but most of the time it was actually too low rather than too high. Not only that, but I remember one fansite went through every episode and every individual extra we saw on the show as a Voyager crewmember and they never exceeded the number of crew (which was more by accident than design, I suspect), which wasn't the case for, say, Lost. Lower Decks and Voyager's Good Shepherd are good examples of Starfleet personnel who aren't perfect or good at everything, and there's also quite a few examples of people who didn't want to join Starfleet and do the normal Star Trek thing (Jake Sisko, most notably, but also, eventually, Wesley).
  15. Werthead

    Star Trek Thread: Set Picard to Stun (spoilers)

    A Federation member world seceding is entirely possible, and this was going to happen during the Dominion War with Vulcan quitting the Federation so as not to take part in the fighting any more. They decided that was a bit too much and pulled back from it. The internal politics of the Federation, bearing in mind the Andorians' deep mistrust of almost everyone and the Vulcans' overbearing manner, not to mention the Tellarites' mercantile attitude, is something that it'd be fascinating to look into in more detail. Clearly, although the Federation is cool and all, some worlds aren't that keen on joining up. Bajor never joined the Federation and was all the better off for it.