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  1. The Conservative Party remains divided over Brexit. A hardcore group want No Deal so they can profit off the resulting chaos. An opposing (and now much smaller) group of moderates want a pretty solid deal so they can say job done and move on to other areas. A lot of Tories are in between and could go either way. On paper, yes, Boris could sell a deal to most of the Parliamentary Conservative Party and win the vote. But if a significant number decide to oppose it, he could be in trouble and could lose the vote, especially given some others in the party are thinking of trying to remove him in the spring and mount a leadership challenge. They may also calculate that opposing him now, when we are mid-crisis, rather than when vaccinations are underway, might be premature and make them look opportunistic. The LibDems and Scottish National Party will vote against a deal no matter what, so it could come down to Labour, and it puts them in a tricky position since they are trying to win back people who are traditionally pro-Labour but also pro-Brexit, and voted for the Tories in the last election. Voting to support a deal could help them with that and then put Brexit to bed. It does make it much harder for them to criticise the government's future Brexit policies though, as the government can simply turn round and say, "Well, you supported this."
  2. Russell destroyed Bottas in FP1. That was extremely impressive. The Bahrain Mk. II circuit is also allowing proper crazy speeds. Even the F2 cars were flying around there like nutters.
  3. You mean EA? They're the ones who mandated the scrapping of DA4. The rest are down to a mixture of the BioWare team and EA, or BioWare trying to follow directives from EA, or being forced to use EA's hugely unsuitable engine.
  4. Next week's free Epic games are Pillars of Eternity, which is okay but a bit bland, and Tyranny, probably one of the most underrated games of last decade, with an outstanding atmosphere and story (not to mention better combat than PoE).
  5. Vettel and Hamilton have a bit of a bromance thing going on the last couple of years, so I wouldn't be surprised if Vettel had recommended he not think about it. Vettel's comments last week about really looking forwards to getting back into a British-based team and almost back to the good old days (Red Bull are just down the road from Racing Point/Aston Martin's base) seemed a bit telling. The race should be interesting solely from removing Hamilton from contention, so you know the winner is going to be different and potentially one of the "best of the rest" (Ricciardo, Perez, Norris/Sainz, or Gasly, Albon or Stroll if they're having a good day) could have a shot at a podium.
  6. The Clone Wars started in the old EU but got shifted into the New Canon in 2012. Rebels was always in the New Canon. Things that are in the EU/Legends but which are no longer canon but still around would be some of the video games (the Dark Forces and X-Wing series, and Republic Commando) and most of the books (all the pre-2012 ones) and the original (and still best) edition of the Star Wars tabletop RPG. The novels for the New Canon aren't really worth reading, especially because the films and TV show have been cheerfully ignoring them. The Old Republic games are in a really vague area where The Old Republic itself is apparently in the New Canon (all of its story decisions for the last few years have had to be approved by the Lucasfilm Story Group) but the backstory, which relies on KotOR I and II, is not necessarily canon. But there's been more and more references to KotOR planets and events recently, so who the hell knows.
  7. When I first played it, it was solid but a bit janky. The strategic map layer was very good, better than the modern XCOMs, but the combat could be grindy. Vehicles and the ability to manually aim were really good though, and allowed you to mitigate RNG issues. Since then there's been a bunch of DLC, updates and patches which have reportedly made it a much stronger game. I'm planning to get back to it after CP77.
  8. The heads of both Mass Effect and Dragon Age at BioWare have left. It's unclear if they went willingly or were pushed, but both of them going simultaneously seems unlikely. They've both been with the company for 20+ years (well, Hudson left for a bit but came back).
  9. DisCon is holding a public query on moving the convention to December (15th-19th), on the basis that incoming COVID vaccines may make an in-person convention in December far more viable than in August.
  10. Sir Lenny is a much bigger name than those (from a UK perspective anyway). Max Baldry also has a bit of a following, particularly from being most excellent as a very shitty kid Caesarion in Rome.
  11. Nineteen new castmembers announced (and Maxim Baldry finally confirmed), although their roles are not confirmed. Mostly low-key names. The biggest new name is British writer, actor and comedian Sir Lenny Henry (probably best-known in the SFF space for being the co-creator of Neverwhere with Neil Gaiman).
  12. Smith is an excellent actor, although Daemon to me was always very Rome-era James Purefoy, to the point it's hard to think of another actor in the role (Purefoy's only seven years older than Daemon was when he died, so I do wonder if they could make it work by just casting him).
  13. I'm wondering if he got confused with the AstraZeneca (based in Cambridge) vaccine made in concert with Oxford University, which is also likely to be approved in the coming weeks but not quite there yet.
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