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  1. Cool. Age of Mythology Extended Edition has a 5-mission bonus campaign that was only previously available as a download from the developers' website. It introduces the 2 dwarves who randomly show up in the main campaign and explains what was going on with them whilst Team Arkantos was kicking butt elsewhere. I missed this at the time, so a nice bonus to get a few more missions from when the game was first made. I've heard mixed things about the new Chinese campaign (which is next, before the Titan expansion campaign, for some reason).
  2. Werthead

    Denis Villenueve to direct Dune

    I can imagine Denis Villeneuve suggesting this, the casting director getting a glint in their eye, and then Villeneuve choke-holding them to the floor and saying, "Do not even think of calling fucking Jared Leto. Do Not Go There."
  3. I've seen some negative reviews of it. The "eight paths" thing apparently backfires because the paths are all very samey.
  4. Werthead

    Tolkien 2.0

    I feel most of the counterfactual scenarios with regard to Lord of the Rings are addressed in Jacqueline Carey's Sundering duology (which is very blatantly LotR rewritten from the Witch-King of Angmar's POV, with some names and maps changed to avoid getting sued). Some very clever and interesting ideas there.
  5. Werthead

    Joss Whedon - SF Epic for HBO -The Nevers

    Alyson Hannigan was a reasonably well-known actress at the time for her child actor roles. She was actually the second actress cast in the role, as the first actress was very nervous and fluffed her lines in the unaired pilot. That actually got some criticism, as she was also overweight (apparently an attempt to present a more realistic view of teenagers in a US school which the network then rejected in favour of a more Hollywoodised, "everyone is beautiful" approach) and was replaced by the notably not-overweight Hannigan. The completely unsourced story was that one of the affairs was with Charisma Carpenter, which goes some way to explaining his weird behaviour towards her on Angel (when she got married and pregnant and was killed off in a very weird manner). That was also a lot less icky: Carpenter was much older than her co-stars and only six years younger than Whedon (who was only in his early thirties at the time), so the power imbalance thing wasn't really there either. But there was no evidence for that and Carpenter has had many chances over the years to speak to that (she was pretty annoyed about her treatment on the show), but she's apparently friends with Whedon again now and nothing was ever confirmed. I think the situation was highly unfortunate and seized upon by critics of Whedon to try to tear him down, but then it never really turned into a bigger story like they thought it would and it's kind of drifted off now. But it was ammunition for those who felt that Whedon's self-declared feminism wasn't all that it was cracked up to be. Afrofuturism has been a relatively well-known term since the early 1990s, and applied retroactively to earlier books. These are works of SFF which delve into Africa's role in a future society. Black Panther is one of the best-known uses, but Ian McDonald wrote an SF trilogy set in Africa in the 1990s which also popularised the idea, as did Alastair Reynolds with his recent Blue Remembered Earth and its sequels. More interesting are works by African SF authors and African-descended authors delving into the field. It's not as well-known a term as, say, cyberpunk, but it's been around for a while and is relatively common.
  6. Some of the most bizarre Commons manoeuvring I can remember. JRM forming an unlikely alliance with Labour rebels to get through amendments to the government's white paper that, as far as I can tell, will prevent the EU from ever agreeing to it. The idea of the white paper is that it was going to be the starting point for negotiations and the EU would need to negotiate some of its positions down. Tonight's votes seem to have made that impossible. In particular, JRM's amendment that makes it illegal for HMRC to collect payments on behalf of the EU unless every EU country reciprocates could be very awkward, since that bit could require a lot of fudging and negotiation. The government has tabled a motion to end the Parliamentary session on Thursday, five days early, and go into the summer recess ahead of schedule. That's quite strange as well. There's a huge amount of business to get through still, and now they're going to have to rush it or put it on hold until September, 5-6 weeks ahead of the transition deal with the EU being negotiated. I'm starting to wonder if the government is going to have to conclude that there is a logjam in governance that makes governing or negotiating Brexit functionally impossible, and they have to consider other action (whether that's a confidence motion, a second referendum or a general election or something else). It seems politically impossible - and it would likely end both May and Corbyn's careers - but an argument could be made that the magnitude of Brexit and its importance to Britain for decades to come is enough to warrant some kind of national unity government being formed, like it was after the Depression, but without another election to even out the numbers I can't see that being doable, otherwise Labour rebels would just join the Tory rebels and without LibDem and Green support to push the numbers up (resulting in an even softer Brexit than May wants), May would be screwed.
  7. Werthead

    U.S. Politics- SCOTUS 2: The Election Strikes Back

    https://www.justice.gov/opa/pr/russian-national-charged-conspiracy-act-agent-russian-federation-within-united-states Wait, what?
  8. Weird. Metal Wolf Chaos, a 2004 late-original X-Box game from FROM Software, is getting a remaster and re-release. “By the end of the first quarter of the 21st century, freedom was dead in America.” It's about the President of the USA, who has a battle mech, being usurped by the Vice-President, who also has a battle mech, and them kicking the hell out of each other.
  9. Werthead

    Joss Whedon - SF Epic for HBO -The Nevers

    Apparently he cheated on her, several times, with the young actresses he cast on his various shows (none have been named). She wrote a blog about it.
  10. Werthead

    Joss Whedon - SF Epic for HBO -The Nevers

    Yeah, Whedon's not been given a free hand in a project for quite some time. It'll be interesting to see how this one turns out, and if it can help rehabilitate his personal reputation, which took a right battering from his ex-wife last year.
  11. Werthead

    Babylon 5

    J. Michael Straczynski had a rule that no mystery on the show should be left completely unresolved longer than a certain period of time, as he knew the audience would get tired of it, but in the revelation of that mystery new questions should be raised, as we saw with us discovering what happened to Sinclair's missing memory but that in turn generating new questions which won't be answered for another while. So generally speaking, if you're getting bored of a mystery on B5, that means there may be an answer lurking on the horizon.
  12. Fair point. For some reason I had it in mind that WC3 was a 2003 release (that was Frozen Throne instead). Although there was certainly some cross-pollination between WarCraft (and Civ) and Age of Empires and back again.
  13. There was another group. They banged on a bus being driven by a Muslim woman in a headscarf and tried to stick a "FREE TOMMY ROBINSON" sticker to her bus before she managed to drive past them. Cockwombles.
  14. There's a pretty big Fallout 4 mod called Northern Springs which adds a large new area to explore and some new quests. Looks interesting, and bravo to a modding team which sets a realistic, focused goal (an expansion-level new area, not a whole new world the same size as the base game or bigger) and executing it a reasonable timeframe (two years, in this case). Winding up my Age of Mythology replay. Excellent game, once you get over some of its 1990isms (it was released in 2002 but did hold over some archaic game mechanics from the earlier Age of Empires games). Always enjoyed this one a lot more than the occasionally-suspiciously-similar-and-later WarCraft III and that remains the case.
  15. Book 1: The Spirit Thief