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    History is my big thing. ASOIAF is my current obsession :)

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  1. NelyafinweMaitimo

    Will Jon be Dany's heir

    I had never considered this, but I love the idea.
  2. NelyafinweMaitimo

    Was the second shadowbaby necessary?

    Another point to consider is that Stannis seemed unaware of the negative effects of the Shadowbabies on his health until the second one did its work.
  3. NelyafinweMaitimo

    Secret Targ - possibly crackpot

    Next you'll say Walder Frey had Robb Stark killed at his uncle's wedding when everyone knows Robb died when he transformed into a massive wolf.
  4. NelyafinweMaitimo

    Why do book readers hate R+L=J?

    I tend to think that a lot of those who frequent this part of the forum strongly dislike the show. While I don't disagree with that dislike, the fact that R+L=J happened in the show can unconsciously turn them off to the theory. This definitely doesn't apply to all forum goers or book readers, but it has been a trend I noticed.