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  1. tinyskeeveuk

    the plot with Brienne...

    Well, she must be able to do some glamoring given that she only has Walder's face and yet her hands were just as old... I didn't see Walder-Gloves in her bag.
  2. tinyskeeveuk

    the plot with Brienne...

    Why do people assume that someone has to be killed to use their face? We saw Jaqen use Arya's face in one of the earlier series and she wasn't dead. There has to be more magic at play...
  3. tinyskeeveuk

    the plot with Brienne...

    For me, it's not that people don't want to give Sansa credit, it's that we want her to manoeuvre against LF--we're expecting it--but the writers are doing an injustice to whatever scheming she might be doing... It's just not clear or manipulative enough
  4. I kind of like the idea that if Bran really is the NK, getting lost in his warg-warp, and that if Jaime *had* have succeeded in killing him as a boy by throwing him from the tower--thereby ending the cycle--then Jaime would have been the saviour of the Kingdom again!! The people would have once again hated him for an action that probably would have saved thousands if not millions of lives.
  5. Whoops. Not sure how I triggered spoiler in my post!
  6. tinyskeeveuk

    [Book Spoilers] EP302 Discussion

    I get the feeling that Mel is going to create uncat, not a Thoros.