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  1. tinyskeeveuk

    Anyone else think Cersei is still alive?

    I've always gone with the theory that unless you see a main character actually die on screen then they're not dead. This is the first time I've gone against that theory. Ding dong the witch is dead.
  2. tinyskeeveuk

    Who liked sandor's ending.

    I liked it. I like how Sandor pushed the Mountain into the fire... after the Mountain pushed Sandor into fire in their childhood. Nice full circle there.
  3. tinyskeeveuk

    Starkbucks Cup?

    I wouldn't have even noticed it if I hadn't seen all the hype online...
  4. tinyskeeveuk

    Discussing Jaime and Brienne

    I've always rooted for the Briene+Jaime storyline (Brieme?) I thought it was the natural conclusion to Jamie and Cersei's arc--that the more beautiful woman to take everything Cersei holds dear is actually someone described as ugly (though beautiful in Jamie's eyes), and for Jamie to finally move on to someone who has the exact opposite moral compass to Cersei. So, yeah I always rooted for it but it was just too fast. The slow build up between them was handled beautifully... then Jamie fucked her and left her in the same episode. It was far too fast for it to have any real meaning.
  5. tinyskeeveuk

    The Last Dragon

    I read somewhere that the flying scene in ep 2 was actually a mating dance.
  6. tinyskeeveuk


    This is what I said! Why on Earth would you legitimise a son of the previous royal line? Even if she thinks her blood line is the only one that matters now, the rest of the world (particularly those who see her as the new usurper) certainly wont. And it was crazier still given that everyone thinks she's barren and can't provide an heir. It was a ridiculous political move...
  7. You put my point so much more eloquently and succinctly. Thanks
  8. Possibly. But she's thinking like a ruler, one who puts the many before the few. I think she genuinely believes Dany will be a bad queen and so betrayed the secret to make sure dany never makes it to the throne.
  9. I think I'm the only one who really liked this part. The Starks are honourable and truthful to a fault. It's bloody annoying! They always put their honour before doing the right thing in most cases. Sansa knows that Dany is not a good leader and won't be a good queen. She sees that Dany is becoming more and more tyrannical in her ruling, and it's at the detriment of the people. Sansa thinks of her people before power (i.e. asking for the soldiers to rest before marching to KL) and Dany doesn't. By breaking her oath and ruining Dany, she's putting her people first. She's not like the other Starks.
  10. I think it was just a device to highlight his changing feelings towards Briene
  11. tinyskeeveuk

    Jon faction VS Daenerys faction

    For someone who likes handing it out, you don't appear to like it when someone fights back. The first thing we agree on: yes, we're done.
  12. tinyskeeveuk

    Jon faction VS Daenerys faction

    What an interesting read. Thanks for sharing.
  13. tinyskeeveuk

    Jon faction VS Daenerys faction

    People like you are the epitome of what is wrong with internet. Instead of having an amicable debate about a difference of opinions, you decide to be rude, smug, and really stand-offish. Point one: I don't like Tarly. I'm not whitewashing his actions. I'm saying that burning people alive when they disobey an action--with no trial, no other approach to the situation--is the epitome of a tyrant. This isn't just consequences of actions, this is revenge. Point two: Rude. Again. There's no need. Take a look at your life if you think this is the way to interact with people wanting to have a discussion. As to the point, I don't believe--and you haven't shown me a single example--of Jon willingly bending the knee. I don't think for one second he went to DS to hand power to Dany on whim. He had no choice. She was holding him captive. Just because she didn't ask at the exact moment, doesn't mean it wasn't capitulation. He knew the only way to get her on board was to bend the knee. For me, the whole point of that scene was to demonstrate the difference between the two rulers: one who *just* wants to rule and one who wants to save the people. Point Three: Yes, I'm completely aware. But for someone who wanted to "break the wheel" and be different to other rulers, she's doing a good job of imitating the worst one so far... the tyrannical one. Point four. It doesn't matter if it's his idea or not. She has to sign off on it. That's the point of a ruler. She can always over rule him. She didn't... and then blamed him when it went wrong. Point five. Agreed, it's a matter of opinion. To me, she's enjoying it. And it's further proof of her becoming a tyrant.
  14. tinyskeeveuk

    Jon faction VS Daenerys faction

    Genuine question: do you think he would have done if she hadn't have forced the issue? Do you think he would have given up being "King of da Norf" on a whim...?
  15. tinyskeeveuk

    Jon faction VS Daenerys faction

    Haha. Now who's cherry picking? It hasn't just been this season that she's more tyrant than hero, but last season also: She burned the Tarly men alive when they wouldn't bend the knee. She forced John to bend the knee, refusing to see him as an equal because she sees it as her right to rule the entire seven kingdoms. She is going for absolute monarch with no election, and has used fear to force people to her way (the absolute definition of tyrant...) She's continually blaming others around her for her decisions. Yes, they might be there to advise her but ultimately she's the decision maker. A tyrant blames others. She enjoyed that her dragons scared the smallfolk She used her dragons as a threat (i.e. they eat anything they want) Yes, she might be fighting Jon's war, but she's not doing it for the good of her heart. She understands that a ruler needs people to rule. There is no doubt that she is walking the line between tyrant (like her father) and a good ruler... but at the moment she is swinging more towards tyrant. The next few episodes will be the deciding point.