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  1. Lemon of Lemonwood

    Do you think any Freys will survive?

    Oh, on how they will die, after Lord Wlder's natural or slightly aided death, the Freys can easily kill each other over Edwyn and Black Walder. Add Lame Lothar to the mix and they will devour each other before anyone reaches the castle to exact revenge. It will be a fitting end really, Late Lord Walder Frey doing everything to augment the family status and wealth, only for the family to self-destruct after his death.
  2. Lemon of Lemonwood

    Do you think any Freys will survive?

    Logistically speaking, it is nearly impossible to kill every single Frey. The majority that lives in the Twins will probable die, but there are others scattered in both Westeros and the Free Cities, and let us not forget the well-off Frey Bastards and their families and possible descendants of Late Walder's cousins. So no, though they will be greatly reduced in numbers.