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  1. Ok hello guys a couple of updates. Heresy is having another Bi-cenntenial project begining next thread which is Heresy 190. Please feel free to join us as we look at a series of essays that higlight topics from Heresy discussions. Additionally,i have sent messages off to the authors of the Heresy parentage project to submit their summaries for an extended OP on the wrap up thread.As soon as all these come in i will post the wrap up thread. Thank you all , Keep Calm and get your Heretic On.
  2. Actually we don't know. GRRM has addressed the matter of the show spoiling the books and said some things may or may not be spoilers.That the show and the books have diverged and will continue to do so.So for the first time everyone is in the dark.
  3. Yeah...There's a no fly policy when it comes to that.It's absolutely forbidden.
  4. A note for those looking for H1-133 .Google said Hs and they will come up.
  5. Hi Sly wren,i can add the title to make it easier.Thanks for pointing that out.
  6. The second essay is up Arthur + Lyanna =Jon Again will be running one every week,feel free to take part in multiple threads as it progresses,we had to delay to long to wait for it to reach 20pages.
  7. Linda informed me that data was lost since the conversation, but that they are hoping to rectify this problem. So hopefully we should get the OPs
  8. wolfmaid7

    Board Issues 4

    So i'm freaking out a bit.I just checked in on the threads in my sig and i have lost MOST of the contents in all my OPs.Can they be restored or did i just lose them all?
  9. Because it took so long to run the essays,i will run one every week or so no matter and not wait till the essays reach the desired length.Thereby we can be on different threads at the same time if we want to.
  10. Hi Rhaenys,yes.Each essay is going to have its own thread,but we are running each thread in its turn.
  11. If not that's cool.I think we have to start the ball rolling.If it isn't permanent i'll repost the essays simultaneously so that its out there.
  12. So we have finally moved over and to take advantage of this good fortune i'll be posting the first essay.
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