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  1. wolfmaid7

    Heresy 219 and a whisper of Winter

    The term wasn't in the main books but in the books that had the green and reds. I didn't buy it. It spoke of how Dragonstone was littered with Dragonseed as the Targs were looking for Riders during the conflict.
  2. wolfmaid7

    Heresy 220 and the nature of magic

    I agree re the importance of Craster's bloodline.There is definitely something off, but it think it lay with the woman than Craster's would be father in the Watch. Concerning the WWs being Monster's brother that I'm not buying. I think that be the " Tales from the Keep." What is more comforting for a mom to think that the child she allowed to be exposed by the father is coming back as a "god," or that they are food.
  3. wolfmaid7

    Heresy 219 and a whisper of Winter

    I agree that the Dragons "choose" the rider, and I also agree that the individual need not be "full Targ," which is another story as I am of the belief that the Targs were Skinchangers themselves. I don't have my WB with me but the definition is anyone that can meld their spirit or so with an animal. While the name varies, it seems in principle we are dealing with the same type of individuals.
  4. wolfmaid7

    R+L=J v.166

    If it were possible for a lot of what you did here I would shake your hand. Well done.
  5. wolfmaid7

    Heresy 220 and the nature of magic

    I tend to agree with JNR on this as you know Papa Crow. It is Jon who "deduces" Gilly has seen "them" and the issue is that at this point Jon has only seen a Wight for it was this HE had in mind when Gilly gave her description. His mind went straight back to Othor and Jafar. So Gilly and the others could have been seeing wights.A point main clear when she and Sam had the encounter with Small Paul, she said he came for the babe. I will restate this point that "Others" is being generalized by those in story with the main assumption that the WWs are behind the wights which again I lay squarely on the lap of a Greenseer who is using the WWs to hide the fact that the Greenseers are operating again from behind the scenes. Interestingly, what I happening is is being very clever at mixing the supernatural with the worse angels of humanity. When it comes to the Craster situation what he is doing is what he was groomed to do by the women at the Keep in his generation and prior. He was the boy that got away to continue the tradition of exposing the boys to the cold and if the story of his paternity is true then I could see his mother out of spite doing something like this out of spite and as time went by it became a ritual. The women are the ones who are truly in charge at Craster's Keep...a male patsy keeps them safe and they make him think he's in control. They'll find another one soon enough and start the same thing all over again.
  6. wolfmaid7

    Heresy 219 and a whisper of Winter

    Hi LynnnS,i always found it interesting Maester Aemon's notion to reject Stannis as AA on account of the sword having been wrong. He to thought it was Stannis because he was the Grandson of Egg's little girl Rhaella. So, I do think Targ blood comes into play and it would go into what GRRM had said on the heads of the Dragon not needing to be Targ. All they have to be is be Dragonseed which the Baratheons are and Jon Snow is by way of Robert. Glad to see you hun
  7. wolfmaid7

    Heresy 220 and the nature of magic

    Hi Everyone, nice to see you all are still going strong and welcome to the new faces.....This question piqued my interest because it ties into something I had theorized as happening. I don't believe the "white walkers" are made out of humans, but they are the shadows of a greenseer cast upon snow and ice. What we are seeing is this world's version of voodoo dolls( See the how they dispatched in unison their first kill in GOT, because it is one entity moving them)but with the elements. Case in point, if we look at Theon's experience with the Heart tree in WF when he saw Bran's face, I don't think Theon was hallucinating. Bran manipulated the features of the tree to match his likeness. In precept, it is no different to Melissandre casting a likeness of Stannis as a shadow to kill Renly. This is the dangers of skinchangers and even greater dangers of greenseers who can inhabit and manipulate the natural world around them.
  8. wolfmaid7

    Heresy 213 Death aint what it used to be

    Hi fellow Heretics,we still hanging in there.Am I hearing correctly Papa Crow halting for a bit?
  9. wolfmaid7

    Heresy 210 and the Babes in the Wood

    Oh yeahhhh.I forgot CHs showing up in time to "save the day" Sam might have been unwilling to go off with him had they not be in danger and had CHs not given assistance from the get.
  10. wolfmaid7

    Heresy 210 and the Babes in the Wood

    My thing with some of old Nan's stories are somethings she could never know. Unless she spoke to an "other" she can't know what they are attracted to.you are correct in that Gilly makes no distinction between a WW and a wight. They all seem to be "others" to these characters, but it is an interesting train of thought on what Small Paul could have been tracking. I doubt it was just the "stink o life" though scarce life could always be found beyond the Wall. However, the horn? Now that's a nice thought.
  11. wolfmaid7

    Heresy 210 and the Babes in the Wood

    That isn't entirely accurate...Cat in that one internal monologue is relaying a lot of info many she didn't know first hand. Again context is everything 1. During her first year of marriage, she found out.Not that he had, she only found out during the first year Ned got some girl pregnant chance met on campaign. The qualifier of it being on campaign changes somethings. There are no rumors of Ned having a child before the rebellion. Even though in reality he could have gotten a woman pregnant and no one knew about it. The point is there has been no talk of Ned with a child before the rebellion. All of a sudden there's talk of Ned having a child. Based on that, the obvious conclusion to be drawn by Cat based on the info she got at the time and when she got the info . The only thing she could think of is what she thought. Ned had a child "on campaign." It had taken her a fortnight to marshal her courage, but finally, in bed one night, Catelyn had asked her husband the truth of it, asked him to his face. That was the only time in all their years that Ned had ever frightened her. "Never ask me about Jon," he said, cold as ice. "He is my blood, and that is all you need to know. Given the bastards grow faster explanation created by Luuwin; I'm thinking Cat after getting a glimpse or two of Jon thought something was a bit fishy. The info she got about Ned fathering a child during the campaign may have been wrong because clearly, this child is farther along in age than she thought. What is also interesting is Ned's statement: Don't ask about Jon. This adds to what I've said Ned has never volunteered info about Jon and if any question was brought up about Jon. He got angry, dismissive, or he never answered at all. Except in the case when Arya told him about the two wizards in the dungeon. That is the only moment he freaked out.
  12. wolfmaid7

    Heresy 210 and the Babes in the Wood

    Nahhhhh GRRM didn't mess up. He did exactly as he meant to. Ned has said nothing regarding Jon's mother and that was the most genius move he could have made. Let people formulate their own opinion. Characters in the story have speculations and assumptions based on a belief in Ned's romantic relationship with various women. 1. Ashara Dayne ( the name Cat heard whispered in WF as a possibility). 2.Fisherman's daughter( Stannis threw this in Jon's face and Davos heard this as well) 3. Some girl chance met on campaign ( Cat heard this before reaching WF) 4. Some Dornish peasant girl or Ashara per Cersei. 5. The one slip up according to Robert Ned ever had and Edric's pick...Wylla. Anyhow it's sliced, Ned sacrificed his honorable moniker the moment he acknowledged Jon as his bastard son. Every time Ned's honor came up it was noted after that even he fathered a bastard so his honor had its price.
  13. wolfmaid7

    Heresy 210 and the Babes in the Wood

    This is the thing though, I don't think GRRM was "setting" up a scenario that Jon was older. That was always there in the text. It just got overlooked and thrown on the back burner by fans because of preconceived notions by about who Jon's parents were. The fault isn't GRRM being all cloak and dagger the fault was with us. It was plain as day that if the FM story is true that Jon would be the oldest son. It was very evident if the rumor about Ned and Ashara at Harrenhal is true Jon is older. He always was older, we just ignored the not to subtle text that he was. The fact that Robb is dead and Bran and Rickon are believed to be dead by him have no bearing on what was always there. If and when Jon finds out about his parentage and it turns out not Ned isn't his father the last thing on his mind would be " Oh I'm older than Robb."I mean that won't matter to the situation. Then we should also consider Jon is of a particular mindset pre getting stabbed. As long as Sansa is alive and he knows she is, he will deny WF. as he's always done. Let's say Rickon does show up( i think he will sit in WF as Jon's counterpart it's all about the black and white wolf) and Jon is alive, has all his faculties if it's in his power to help and he could, he would help Rickon sit WF's seat instead of wanting to take it. Rickon is a legitimate heir who the North would rally to and he has a wildling as a protector and advisor. People are looking at Jon to unite the North and bring in the Wildlings. Rickon could do the very same thing. Jon's path to me lay elsewhere and that's deep within the earth.
  14. wolfmaid7

    Heresy 210 and the Babes in the Wood

    Just stopping in to say hi. How are you all doing? Glad to see Heresy still going strong. To follow in the line with FFR though it may be a bit of a segue, I've always thought and still think its a matter of perspective. In this case, the only perspective that matters is Ned. Ned by his silence put Jon in a pretty sweet spot because there are several ideas on who Jon's mother could be. A fisherman's daughter at the beginning of Robert's rebellion, a supposed girlfriend he could have hooked up with at any time; as long as those on the outside had their notion no one with the exception of Cat is going to be concerned about Jon's true age. This is where thinking from the perspective of a reader instead of a character is a disadvantage. As long as everyone thought Ned was Jon father and there were prospective mothers being flouted in actuality Ned could have hooked up with these women at any time, especially Ashara. Ned being thought of as Jon's father is all the protection Jon needs because there are enough women that Ned had dealings with for people to speculate. Therefore, and I've said this before the key is not trying to make a theory fit facts. 1. The whole bastards grow up faster is a huge clue. It was the only way to explain Jon's progress in relation to Robb. Everyone in WF who was around when Ned brought home knows Jon is older than Robb, Cat knows it too but there are pretenses too uphold. Keeping Jon in the dark about his true age was for Robb's benefit and really knowing that wasn't going to make Jon's life easier. 2. Ned keeping things close to the chest is another huge clue. The man has told no one anything and I mean no one.he's just let everyone believe what they want regarding Jon's mother. And what people believe is based on rumors and assumptions. have happened at Harrenhall.No one is thinking Ned and Ashara could have hooked up any time after that. 3. Pegging down a time is out the window. In the story, if characters buy the FM story Jon is older than Robb. For those who buy Ashara then he was conceived at Harrenhal and definitely older than Robb. Based on what characters in the story believe given the women Ned was thought to have been with; Jon's conception could have occurred between Harrenhall and the beginning of Robert's rebellion. This is solely based on what characters think they know.
  15. wolfmaid7

    R+L=J v.165

    Very true all of what you said.....and we ain't going to derail this thread with other. But my point on the previous post was Ned is our insider;especially when it comes to the way he thinks. It doesn't matter what we think concerning what Robert would or wouldn't do.What should concern us is things Ned did and didn't do.If we are going to make assertions that Ned didn't tell Robert about Lyanna and Rhaegar because he feared what robert would do.How does that make sense when: 1. Rhaegar and Lyanna are dead and have been dead 15 yrs.So what he would or wouldn't do regarding them evaporated. 2. He claimed Jon as his own and there is so many rumors about Jon's mom all of them NOT Lyanna there is no threat to Jon from Robert and there never was. Therefore,if the theory is true wouldn't the best thing be for Ned was let Robert know especially when Robert has Dany in his sight and pretty much drinking and eating himself into an early grave?