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  1. I finally watched the episode last night as I was kinda put off by the fact that the rest of the battle was pushed to episode 10.

    Still a very good episode. I wish I hadn't been spoiled on Pyp/Grenn's deaths though. Would've made it even better. It's like they decided to get rid of some of Jon's group since Stannis would be showing up very soon.

  2. I'll give this one a 7. The lowest rating I've given so far for season 4. Part of the reason is because of the same reason Ran gave, with the whole wildling village thing or whatever (the Jon scene). Most of the scenes were well done, I just think the writer had a brain fart there. And it's not all of the changes that kinda upset me, it's more the fact that we're getting closer to the show overtaking the books, and I think the show is starting to showcase that.

  3. Well, yeah, IMHO this is how Joffrey's death scene should've gone down:

    Joffrey: *choke,gag* (Points at Tyrion instead of vague "reaching" gesture).

    Joffrey: *dies*

    Cersei: (shriek) "He's dead! My son is DEAD!" (hysterics)

    (Camera pans out for crowd reaction shot)

    (END OF EPISODE, roll credits!).

    Next episode's opening scene:

    Cersei total meltdown: "You did this!! YOU KILLED MY SON! Seize him!"

    Why D&D didn't do this is beyond me...

    I thought the episode should've ended with Littlefinger's ship sailing off into the distance (with Sansa on the ship).

  4. Got a 10 from me, as an episode of GoT.

    If I were to rate it based on my comparison to the book... it'd probably only get a 7.

    Michelle's acting was fantastic.

    I actually didn't cry though. 40 weeks pregnant and I didn't shed one tear haha. I thought I was going to bawl like a baby, much in the way I did watching Baelor. I was emotional and shook up, but for whatever reason, no tears.

    40 weeks, isn't that like 4 weeks late?

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