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  1. Once the night it airs, then usually the Tuesday afterwards. But I actually skipped the rewatch yesterday because I watched it about an hour before it even premiered (Comcast posted it on their streaming website), then I watched most of the live showing. But when season 3 is done, I'm going to rewatch the series. Then I may rewatch season 3 again because I only have HBO for about 2 more months before it gets cut off (got it for free right now).
  2. They'll still probably bitch because "SHE DIDN'T DIE IN THE BOOKS".
  3. Ouch. Sansa gets unbetrothed then rebetrothed, and her ride out of KL leaves. What a crappy day for her.
  4. The more I watch Roose Bolton the more I like him.
  5. I wonder if it has anything to do with the thing.
  6. Did I miss something? I swear I never saw Ros in this episode. I had to go do something at the beginning of the Bran scene but came back within like 2 minutes. Did they show her after his scene?
  7. The dude that plays Loras said that he won't be in armor at all this season, so I'm guessing he'll join the Kingsguard when Tommen is king, because he really only despises Joffrey, right?
  8. The mutiny scene was so tense. I knew it was going to happen and the whole time I was nervous as hell.
  9. Her story has been incredible this season. Sam's story with the NW/Gilly is starting to pick up as well.
  10. The people over at TWoP seemed to hate it though. So did I.
  11. I get interrupted every time I try to watch Game of Thrones. It has yet to fail me. I missed the first 15 minutes or so, so I'll just watch the second airing.
  12. The swordfight was the biggest letdown of the episode in my opinion. They really need to show Jaime's swordfighting capabilities. Now when he
  13. I think it's the actress portraying Shae. I've never liked her.
  14. I don't think this broken website registered my post, so I'll post it again. The Tyrion-Shae scene was by far the worst scene of the episode.
  15. I posted in the Ros and Shae thread that the Sansa scene would've been better with Sansa just sitting there watching the ships until LF comes up to her.
  16. I'm giving it a +1 because I absolutely TV show Margaery So 8/10
  17. How many pages do you think the battles of Meereen and Winterfell will take up? Winterfell should probably take less since we only have 2 POV chapters there, and Meereen has Tyrion, Barry, Vic, and probably Dany (if she arrives soon enough). That's probably 100+ pages there.
  18. Unless Dany's whole story is just to get the dragons for Vic :rolleyes:
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