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  1. "Blackfyre"

    New Anniversary editions

    keep both!
  2. "Blackfyre"

    SoCal BWB

  3. "Blackfyre"

    Game of Thrones concert LA

    Ditto, just saw this. PM me if you come back to LA. How did you like the concert? I went to the one in Vegas. Thought it was AMAZEBALLS!
  4. "Blackfyre"

    Con of Thrones-Nashville

    I was going, but plans changed. I no longer need to be in Nashville for business the week prior. I purchased the convention 3 day pass. If someone is interested in acquiring it, send me a PM.
  5. "Blackfyre"

    Do real friendships happen on this forum?

    Yup, I wonder all the time. Then go back to lurking.
  6. Donation sent. Thanks Mya.
  7. Hey honey! I hope you're doing well!!!

  8. "Blackfyre"

    Hello from Benioff and Weiss

    Awesome stuff guys! Thank you for allowing us to participate and for giving us sneak peaks. Really looking forward to seeing the pilot. Can't wait!