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  1. DreamSongs

    Pictionary XL

    Holler if you need a sub.
  2. DreamSongs

    Makeup VI : SPFantastic

    Kair, good luck with the surgery. My desk has me on Cera Ve AM moisturizer with spf 30.
  3. DreamSongs

    Makeup VI : SPFantastic

    I broke down and went to ULTA last week and ended up with Pur 4 in 1 powder. I actually like it far better than Bare Minerals. I am not particularly fond of the mascara that came in the kit. Toying with the idea of getting the old standby, Maybelline Great Lash. Any sugestions? And yes, I've been convinced to go for some Urban Decay eye pallettes.
  4. DreamSongs

    Secret Santa XII - Gifts are arriving!

    My Secret Santa is the BOMB! I received a reed diffuser, a narwhal coffee cup (which everyone at work will know is mine), a whale tail necklace, and some sperm whale socks! Everything came in beautiful drawstring gift bags (one of which is designated for my Brady tarot). Now I need to figure out which if you sneaky loves sent it! My Westeros Secret Santa is the Best! https://imgur.com/gallery/wXVB9
  5. DreamSongs

    Who would betroth their daughter to Gregor Clegane?

    Walder Frey.
  6. DreamSongs

    Secret Santa XII - Gifts are arriving!

    Received packages! Waiting for Christmas morning!
  7. DreamSongs

    The Drunk Thread Got A Contact High

    Seven in and 1 to go! Aidan Turner is a hot piece of.............. ,...,................... .,.........of romance. I like my men unattainable in literary roles.
  8. DreamSongs

    Secret Santa XII - Gifts are arriving!

    Did I hear last call? I'm in.
  9. DreamSongs

    War Drums: North Korea edition

    What I found frightening in the backdrop of reading the news overnight is that some young person decided that an entire paragraph needed to be devoted to explain a single word.
  10. DreamSongs

    TTTNE 470: Spam like it's 2007!

    *sneaks in and starts spray-painting walls*
  11. DreamSongs

    Mental Wellbeing Thread

    Major depression kicking my ass.
  12. DreamSongs

    I hate moving! Or buying a house is fucking weird.

    Congrats on the new homes Lily and Starkess!
  13. DreamSongs

    The Drunk Thread Got A Contact High

    Beer is cold. Night is too chilly. Need sweatshirt. Fuck you GA.