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  1. Happy December fellow Santas! So I would just echo the sentiments of others. I love local items. It is always so lovely to taste a bit of another region. I also love cetaceans and would love a recent book on whale biology. I'm a big fan of of binaural beats for relaxation and nature inspired items.
  2. How do you get your profile picture to show in the new format? Mine uploads, but won't show up next to posts. I feel like an FM.
  3. DreamSongs

    Board Issues 4

    I agree with Kyoshi. When I open a previously read thread, it starts back at the beginning rather than at the point I stopped at.
  4. DreamSongs

    Board Issues 4

    Go to account settings, select signature and make the changes you would like. The font and size options weren't available a couple of days ago and are back now. If the signature violates the signature rules (more than 5 lines) then it will not save.
  5. DreamSongs

    Board Issues 4

    I'm using an Android 1+1 and checked the Tapatalk. It goes to the main page to load the forums, but then freezes while loading.
  6. DreamSongs

    Board Issues 4

    Race permission requested to ensure adequate performance.
  7. This episode at least had some teeth. S5 dragged until HardHome. This episode was a worthy follow up.
  8. Well, we all know my stance! :D Welcome Valyria!
  9. DreamSongs

    Board Issues 4

    Exactly. I seem to be having luck with Firefox this morning. This is the most consistently I've been able to access the forum over the past month. Thanks Consigliere...I'll look for that!
  10. DreamSongs

    Board Issues 4

    I'm also continuing to have issues when loading the forum. Sometimes the page comes up OK initially, but on subsequent pages only the skin loads or the left side. If I can click on what I want in the split second before the ads normally come up, I can get to the next page. If not, the skin loads, but the ads never do and the page becomes non-responsive. I've tried clearing the cache, running spyware, etc. The problem is occurring in all browsers (IE, Firefox, Chrome). Any ideas? I'm also using the standard skin, nothing special. It happens at all times of the day or night. Its getting to the point that reloading the page isn't even working anymore and I have to close out and open in another browser.
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