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  1. How long do I have to wait for Season 4???

  2. Terribly excited about season 3...

  3. Oh Tyrion...my love...

  4. I'm ready for a re-read on Littlefinger's motives! So DEVIOUS!

  5. Tysha Lannister


    My name is Em. I'm interested in forensics, true crime, & psychology. Tyrion is my favorite character, but Littlefinger has recently become quite interesting. He exhibits many traits of a sociopath (narcissism, lack of empathy, desire for control) & he's something of a Machiavelli character. I'm going to re-read some of his scenes to get a better sense for his personality. The fact that he marries Jeyne Poole off to Ramsay Bolton is what clenched it for me. Anyone with any true feeling would keep children (and really anyone) away from the Boltons!! Anywho, that's me. ~Em
  6. Time to update the THE TV SERIES section. The 3rd season starts on 3/31/13!
  7. THANK YOU FOR CLEARING THAT UP!!! I really needed that answer. :bowdown:
  8. Just joined...looking forward to talking with people who understand my fascination with the I&F series!