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    So whenever Arya uses the face of a man...

    Bran the omniscient Tree God and Arya the Magical rubber masked shapeshifter are the two elements of the story I could definitely have done without. I find both rather jarring and take me out of the story somewhat. I'm fine with the rest of the fantasy elements...other than resurreciton perhaps.
  2. Amaretto

    Was season 7 the off-season?

    I loved the previous seasons, but this season just seemed rushed, irritating and nonsensical. In order for Cersei to still be alive and on the throne every other character and the whole of Westeros had to be turned into blundering idiots. The Winterfell storyline was also incredibly poor.
  3. Amaretto

    Varys predicted death....

    I suspect he will be swiftly disposed of at the beginning of next season. Possibly by being bitten by a poisonous spider while doing Tyrion's laundry at Dragonstone or something.
  4. Wouldn't be surprised if it were somebody like Qyburn. There surely has to be some point behind his ability to resurrect the dead.
  5. Amaretto

    Why was Tyrion so upset?

    Perhaps he was concerned about losing influence over her? He was useless to her in Mereen and frequently detrimental to her in Westeros. Eventually she will realise that he is useless and a liability as well.
  6. Amaretto

    Dorne is lost....?

    Yes it's odd nobody thinks of clueing them in- their unscathed army could come in useful against the White Walkers after all. I notice Team Daenerys didn't ask for Ellaria back either.
  7. Amaretto

    Will Tyrion kill Daenerys?

    Unintentionally perhaps. He has really done nothing but harm her cause from the start.
  8. Varys has been relegated to Tyrion's "Missandei"- useless character standing silently behind more important characters adding nothing to the plot.
  9. Girl: Catelyn Boy: Hot Pie
  10. Amaretto

    Where was Gendry?

    He was plotting off screen with Edmure Tully and SweetRobin Arryn