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    Dany is army-less, isn't she?

    The show spent a lot of time establishing the fact that the High Sparrow and the Tyrells had the love and support of the people and hated Cersei. Until she murdered them and suddenly they now love her for some reason and jeer her enemies as they are marched through King's Landing.
  2. The problem with Cersei being the "final boss" is that she as an idiot that has not actually earned her status. An absurd number of coincidences and departures of logic have got her where she is. She might work better if she had someone like Littlefinger- a competent politician that has guided so much of the politics of Westeros currently on her side. Unfortunately she has a mute zombie, a mad scientist with no apparent political ability or connection to any other storyline and 2d, cartoonish pirate who appeared very late in the game.
  3. Amaretto

    Alys Karstark

    Alys has some survival skills. I think we know who will take out Cersei now. D and D have known it was Alys since Season 4.
  4. However will our heroes defeat super smart Cersei and her well thought out, genius plans? Will Arya shapeshifting into Cersei's handmaiden and killing Cersei in her sleep be enough? Tune in for the next 3 episodes to find out!
  5. Amaretto

    What was your personal GoT breaking point?

    I think things really started to go down hill starting with Season 7. My patience was slowly being eroded away until it finally went when Arya shapeshifted into Walder Frey for days on end and that whole nonsense with the pies. Trying to think about how she could logically have pulled that off- from being a convincing Walder for that long to suddenly being an expert in butchery and cooking pies without tipping any of the servants off...just no. Also she overheard that her Uncle was being kept locked in the Frey dungeon and apparently just left him there. The whole thing was just rushed and made no logical sense at all. Also the fact that Cersei suffered absolutely no consequences for blowing up the sept and that anybody ever considered her a "threat" when she realistically controls nothing outside of King's Landing (the entire population of which should loathe her with a passion). It's not even worth thinking about that nonsense with Littlefinger last season either.
  6. Amaretto

    Alys Karstark

    The actress hinted that scenes involving her were cut- presumably an explanation as to why she was in the Godswood and her death scene.
  7. I wouldn't mind Cersei being the final villain if it were in someway earned. She has made a series of idiotic decisions and somehow benefited from a seemingly never ending stream of coincidences that weakened her opponents. Also, who is she even ruling at this point? Not the North, the Vale, Dorne, the Iron Islands or Dragonstone. With the Freys gone, presumably she has lost the Riverlands as well. Are the majority of the Reach following her? If so why- considering she murdered their leaders and stole their money? Didn't she also lose Casterly Rock to the Unsullied- I've lost track. Even the people of King's Landing should logically hate her after she murdered their religious leaders and the popular Tyrells. Even her army is almost entirely made up of foreigners. They could just lay siege to King's Landing with the dragons and that would be that.
  8. Amaretto

    Why does the Night King want to kill Bran

    They did a pretty poor job of explaining it. The Night King was programmed to hate humanity and Bran is like a "concentrated" version of humanity having all knowledge of humanity stored in his mind...or something. It sounded like something they pulled out of their ass at the last moment to me. Why the Night King had to do it personally and casually stroll over to Bran and stare at him for about 5 minutes before attacking I don't know.
  9. Even in a land of magic, I still find this ability of hers hard to take. It's odd that she never tried it again. This and Arya shapeshifting into Walder Frey for days would preferably have been left on the cutting room floor.
  10. Robin has probably been killed by the Mountain Clans by now while his entire army have their little adventure up North. They all seem to have forgotten his existence though as they pledged their allegiance to the King in North.
  11. We had 6 seasons of Daenerys building this massive army in Essos and raising her dragons- only to have the whole army wiped out after making no genuine contribution to the defeat of the White Walkers... nor can she now use them to win the throne. Likewise, her dragons contributed almost nothing beneficial in the battle. It will be hard not to see her entire Essos storyline as a complete waste of time on rewatch. Bran has been built up as this hugely important character, his powers are very important...but in the end he is only needed as bait to sit in a chair pointlessly warging ravens. Again it will be hard not to see his entire arc as a complete waste of time. On the plus side, I guess Arya's adventures in Bravos seem a little less pointless now. I could see what they were going for with this episode, but they failed in the execution of it imo. D and D are good at making a stylish TV show that gets people talking, but they are bad at writing fiction as they don't seem to even understand the basics
  12. Amaretto

    Can we talk about why everything is so dark...

    For the episode was dark and full of errors.
  13. Amaretto

    Most stupid death (Show only)

    Most of the worst offenders have already been mentioned, but I'd also add a few minor ones... Irri-she was immediately replaced with Missandei who basically performed exactly the same role. May as well have just kept Irri and not bothered with Missandei- at least the dothraki would have had a consistent representative. Her death was also basically pointless and the less said about that awful deleted scene the better. Osha- a fairly popular recurring character who disappears for years, finally returns and is almost immediately killed after one awful scene and never mentioned again.
  14. Amaretto

    Bran becoming the next Night King

    Melisandre and the omniscient Lord of Light seem convinced the WW threat is over
  15. Amaretto

    What will be the final WTF moment?

    Branbot casually mentions the fact that before he died Ned Stark warged into a pigeon flying overhead. Said pigeon shits on Cersei- blinded she falls own the stairs and dies. D and D reveal they were planning it since Series 1 and congratulate themselves on their brilliance and the fact that nobody saw it coming.
  16. Amaretto

    Is it possible that Jaqen H'ghar appears and kills Arya?

    Arya would likely defeat him if he tried.
  17. Amaretto

    Dany is army-less, isn't she?

    I wonder how many people in the North are even still alive at this point?
  18. Amaretto

    Dany's contribution to the Great War

    She should have stayed in Mereen. Apparently all that was needed to defeat the WW was Bran and Arya
  19. Amaretto

    The books are not going to end like this

    The books ended when Varys killed Kevan and Pycelle. At this rate, I'm not sure which ending will be worse- that or whatever D and D have got planned. I don't get the impression Martin is anywhere close to finishing WOW after 8 years or that he has any real interest in doing so. It's a pity he wasn't more involved with the TV show.
  20. "She knew better than the Three-Eyed Raven, whose mind and senses are unmoored in space and time and who thus can witness and learn about anything that has ever happened anywhere. She knew better, in fact, than the builders of the Wall, the biggest clowns in the history of this fictional world, who built a completely needless 700-foot ice-and-magic edifice spanning an entire continent when they could have just hired a middle-of-the-pack Faceless Man to shoot a dragonglass arrow into the Night King’s butt a thousand years ago and ended the White Walker threat for all time."
  21. Amaretto

    Dany is army-less, isn't she?

    I suppose the Dornish army is still basically fully in tact, but I can't see the show ever mentioning them again especially as Daenerys never ever bothered to ask Cersei what happened to Ellaria.
  22. Amaretto

    Dany is army-less, isn't she?

    She is basically isolated now. She has 2 injured dragons, an Unsullied Commander with no unsullied to command, a translator who can stand around silently very well and an utterly useless hand who has consistently given her awful advice. I guess she has Jon but Sansa and Sam both hate her so they will probably put an end to that. I can see her breaking down as it dawns on her she has sacrificed everything she built and for no reason as her army and dragons didn't do anything anyway and all that was really needed was Super Arya. Plus, what thanks will she get for it? Not a lot I suspect if Sansa has anything to do with it.
  23. Amaretto

    The books are not going to end like this

    I suspect this is far from what George was planning, but I gave up any hope of the books being finished years ago, so this is the closest we will ever get to an ending...sadly.
  24. Amaretto

    Death and survivals for reference

    Alys is probably dead. The actress hinted that some scenes involving her had been cut from the final episode.
  25. Amaretto

    Death scene: Melisandre

    I don't think she died. I think she slipped over on the snow and played dead so Davos would stop following her. She'll be back.