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  1. Arya the Shapeshifter has become an overpowered 2 dimensional bore and is far more sinister than "Mad Dany" is supposed to be. I haven't cared about her for years despite really liking her in he first few seasons.


    I used to really like Sansa- the transformation of naive pawn to scheming manipulator was an interesting one but they have completely bungled it imo. She doesn't actually appear to have any politcal skill- she was all for executing Arya until Branbot spelled it out for her in Big Capital Letters what Littlefinger was doing. All she has done is bitch and whine about Dany all season. For someone who is supposed to be clever, her obvious animosity towards Dany (an alliance they desperately needed at that point) was idiotic in the extreme. She is more of a mini-Cersei than anything. I can't imagine she will be doing much in the final 2 episodes either. 


  2. It's all part of the twist. Starbucks made a deal with Sansa to be based in Winterfell which has very favourable tax laws. Dany would end this sweet deal, which explains why Sansa is so opposed to her rule. D and D are geniuses. Everything makes sense now. The moral of the story is that you can never beat big business- not even the Mother of Dragons. 

  3. I always assumed Dany would die in some sort of tragic manner before becoming Queen. The problem with what we have seen so far and the leaks is that the way they plan on doing it makes me legitimately hate every character on the show and I don't get the impression I am supposed to. 

  4. Varys' big dream was for Viserys to rule after invading and waging war with the Dothraki. He also loyally served the Mad King- playing into his paranoia. It's not as if he didn't know what Viserys was like- no doubt Ilyrio tipped him off at some point. 


  5. It's the hypocrisy of the characters criticising Dany that gets to me


    Sansa who gleefully caused someone to be ripped to pieces by dogs and had to be stopped from executing her sister by Branbot and who's pointless petty hostilty towards Dany could have ruined the alliance Jon had created against the White Walkers


    Mass murderer Arya who apparently slaughtered an entire family and make said family eat their relatives.

    Tyrion- the person who had no problem burning thousands alive with wildfire to keep the vile Joffrey on the throne

    Varys- the genius who wanted the totally sane and rational Viserys to invade Westoros with a Dothraki army ( the Dothraki he now hates)

    If Dany has to go mad I hope she has the good grace of roasting the above 4 before she is taken down.

  6. Missandei  was always a bit of a strange character. A translator that Dany never even needed when recruited. An advisor that gave no advice. A friend of Daenerys that didn't actually interact with her much. Natalie Emmanuel must have been bored rigid. 

  7. The leaks sound pretty dire to me.

    I mean the show has built up this idea of "women in power", yet it seems Mad Cersei will be killed and then the male protagonist will kill the female protagonist for being too emotional to rule. The kingdom will then be ruled by King Bran and his council of men. Political genius Sansa may be permitted to rule a frozen wasteland with a population of 5 if she is lucky and Jon doesn't want it. Yay! 

  8. Tyrion may be sincere in his devotion to Dany, but every piece of advice he has given her has either been wrong or worse than useless. He has to be the worst hand on record. From her perspective he must either be a traitor or a total liability to her cause. Admittedly, this is probably a result of poor writing as the show keeps emphasising how smart Tyrion is supposed to be. 

  9. Never been a huge fan of her but I've been firmly in Dany's corner the last few episodes. She has basically sacrificed everything  she has built to help the ungrateful Northerners. Plus the handwringing from Tyrion, Varys and others about her executing the Tarly traitors despite giving them a chance to avoid it has felt a bit forced. Plus her distrust of Tyrion is 100% justifed as literally every single piece of advice he has given her from the moment he joined her has been horrendous, incorrect and has weakened her. If she were smart she would have fired him a long time ago. 

    I'll be somewhat annoyed if they go the "Mad Queen" route complete with self-righteous hypocritical tutting from Tyrion, Varys and co who are far from innocent themselves.