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  1. That was an amazing ep. Completely exceeded my expectations. 10/10 Can't please everyone tho. And by everyone I mean Stanatics.
  2. House Ross

    [Book Spoilers] EP407 Discussion

    someones ear is getting bit off....
  3. Overall the Ep was very pleasing. Melisandre eating was sort of upsetting. Selyse was entertaining haha. Stannis' face was priceless. Not enough Davos. Reek is full blown Reek. Not sure how I feel about Locke going after the Stark boys. Im guessing he runs into some not so friendly peeps from north of the Wall.... As for the wedding, damn near spot on. As expected from Mr. Martin himself. The Robb dwarf was def hooded and noted as such. Joffs face, Cercei reaction, and Jamie's reaction as well were....legit. LOVED seeing a jewel missing after Lady Olenna played with Sansa's hair.