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  1. Would it be okay if I said that nothing actually truly begins or ends save for that which we perceive?
  2. In reality it was Yukle that sabotaged that roll, and left the seat up which caused CB to fall into the toilet.
  3. Do you mind if I change the subject? What the hell happened this week?
  4. Minstral

    The Drunk Thread: Just Look at the Flowers

    I know there are a few guys have reviewed Forty Creek on youtube, so if your interested on getting an idea of the flavor then I'd suggest taking a look at it. Though I would doubt its something that you'd find on your side of the border. I've had trouble finding it in some of the more remote parts of BC but I've never had trouble finding Crown Royal, which is a shame when I visit some of my relatives.
  5. Minstral

    The Drunk Thread: Just Look at the Flowers

    Its not bad at all, though I'm shit at describing flavor. Its a Canadian whisky and a bit smoother than others.
  6. Minstral

    The Drunk Thread: Just Look at the Flowers

    Chose the Forty Creek in the end, and I honestly forgot how much I missed this whisky.
  7. Minstral

    The Drunk Thread: Just Look at the Flowers

    Funnily enough I have been able to consume a fair bit before inebriation, though I haven't drank like that in a year so I could be a bit lighter on that scale, but my hangovers are usually no big deal. I only really drink once every few months and its getting to be around that time again. I've avoided the bottle for the past few days though because I wanted to sober for my reactions to the politics in the world. Well now it comes down to "fuck that noise". I have two bottles that are near empty. Generic rum and Forty Creek whisky. One or both is getting finished off tonight, the only question being is what should go first.
  8. CB once ripped the tag off a tag off a mattress, mixed darks and whites in the wash, and leaves the TV on all night rather than turn it off. Obviously this makes him one of the most evil people in the world today.
  9. Should we just settle for a showing of interpretive dance?
  10. Minstral

    Last One Wins

    So since its been about 3 weeks does that mean you've won StarkofWinterfell?
  11. Destiel is a an urban explorer that is not doing the best in her enterprise. She uncovered what appeared to be a drug stash in one location and a dead body in another... To make it safe she hired a team to take safe and clean locations and turn them into sets that look the part of rotted abandoned architecture.
  12. Can't you recognize the callback when someone once questioned him on the use of ellipses in a previous iteration in this thread series?
  13. have we not always asked multiple questions? It seems like this must be explained every thread and a half does it not? But can we not see that there are more pressing matters at hand???? rocksniffer, isn't this like your first time using a question mark rather than an ellipses? I know that it is grammatically correct to use an ellipses in question, though most might not know that, but wasn't it your trademark to only use them and never a question mark?
  14. MaybeI once tried acupuncture on the advice of a friend. She did not expect ear acupuncture but then she decided to go with it anyway... She then discovered her friends duplicity when she saw that her ears were pierced.