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  1. Minstral

    The Drunk Thread: Just Look at the Flowers

    I know there are a few guys have reviewed Forty Creek on youtube, so if your interested on getting an idea of the flavor then I'd suggest taking a look at it. Though I would doubt its something that you'd find on your side of the border. I've had trouble finding it in some of the more remote parts of BC but I've never had trouble finding Crown Royal, which is a shame when I visit some of my relatives.
  2. Minstral

    The Drunk Thread: Just Look at the Flowers

    Its not bad at all, though I'm shit at describing flavor. Its a Canadian whisky and a bit smoother than others.
  3. Minstral

    The Drunk Thread: Just Look at the Flowers

    Chose the Forty Creek in the end, and I honestly forgot how much I missed this whisky.
  4. Minstral

    The Drunk Thread: Just Look at the Flowers

    Funnily enough I have been able to consume a fair bit before inebriation, though I haven't drank like that in a year so I could be a bit lighter on that scale, but my hangovers are usually no big deal. I only really drink once every few months and its getting to be around that time again. I've avoided the bottle for the past few days though because I wanted to sober for my reactions to the politics in the world. Well now it comes down to "fuck that noise". I have two bottles that are near empty. Generic rum and Forty Creek whisky. One or both is getting finished off tonight, the only question being is what should go first.
  5. Minstral

    Last One Wins

    So since its been about 3 weeks does that mean you've won StarkofWinterfell?
  6. Minstral

    References and Homages

    Sevenoaks, a town in England Kent, and Sevenstreams. Both are associated with local rebellions and dissatisfaction from the ruling dynasty as in the case of the BWB and the real word rebels that were lead by Jack Cade. Thing is that no one really knew who Jack Cade was, and was possibly a fake identity, and he also may have taken the name John Mortimer. It kind mirrors Beric's story, with some not knowing if he is truly alive or when the BWB members start mocking that Frey when each claim each other to be Beric. What convinces me that there is a parallel though is that Jack Cade's rebellion started in a very controlled manner. He actually marched on London with the intent of doing good and ridding the Kingdom of what were considered corrupt individuals in power while improving the lives of the commoners. Thing is that when he entered London he lost control of his men and they started looting, and his men were quickly expelled when the citizens turned against them. In the books we see the deterioration of the BWB from their more noble actions to becoming just another outlaw band. It makes a better comparison than Robin Hood in my opinion.