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    Casterly Rock
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    languages and linguistics, literature, collecting dice, fountain pens and lanyards, discussions, going abroad, law (especially ip), going to the cinema, philosophy, role-playing games (list on request), cooking and baking, listening to music, writing


    Still my mind is traveling

    And I have other songs to sing

    Of places far and near

    Of friends and people dear

    Who are here with me

    Who will be there for me.

    Each of them a precious man

    Each of them a precious gem.

    And all the world there in my head

    Remains ev'n when I should be sad.

    Because I can hear your laughter in my heart.

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  1. Mission accomplished! I own 2,655 dice now. But if you're still willing to send me dice, I won't keep you.

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    2. King Tyrion I

      King Tyrion I

      I beg to differ. "I just can't get enough..." meaning I'll go on collecting. ;o)

    3. Arya kiddin'

      Arya kiddin'

      Hahaha. That's the spirit! New year coming up, and with that even higher targets. Good to hear. *thumbsup

    4. King Tyrion I

      King Tyrion I

      You know, FoMN put up 10,000 as a goal. Would you help me?

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