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  1. Welcome to the boards! :cheers:
  2. Welcome, VitaOfHouseStark and BoldGhost! :cheers:
  3. Welcome, chelley. :cheers:
  4. Welcome to the board! :cheers: Sophie Turner is awesome indeed, as are Tywin and the Ned and Sansa.
  5. And another friend joins in. :cheers: :kiss:
  6. Charles Dance is surely one of the greatest actors of our time. And I find it amazing that he nails this part without the knowledge of the books. He's played Lord Vetinari before, and I personally would cast him in roles like these. Of course, he's a Shakespearean actor - and that's great. He holds a title that one of my best friends had when said friend was still alive and kicking. I was rather pleasently surprised to see that. I'm kind of proud that I share a name with him. :smug: But as much as I enjoy him acting that part I still see another face in my mind when I read the books. I like very much. Book Tywin is a bit different of course - he's got more "time" so to speak. Yupp. One could say that as well. In me you find a supporter of these considerations. Along with my friend HC. :cheers:
  7. "A Storm of Swords" is great. I'm rereading it at the moment. Jaime's POV is also very well written. You'll enjoy it, I'm certain of that.
  8. Yay! Another person rooting for Tywin. That's nice. Welcome to the boards! :cheers:
  9. Yay! Tywin. Welcome to the boards! :cheers:
  10. Welcome to the boards! :cheers:
  11. Welcome, Nerdanel the wise, to the boards. :cheers:
  12. Welcome, Ser Basketcase, to the boards! :cheers:
  13. That's nice of you, Eirlys. Liking Jaime, Tyrion and Arya can't possibly be wrong. =o)
  14. Welcome, Eirlys! :cheers:
  15. 10/10 Because of - the mammoth and the giants - Sam the Slayer in action - Janos Slynt (!) - awesome duels (Ser Alliser vs. Tormund) - "You know nothing, Jon Snow." - Ser Alliser agreeing for once with Jon - Maester Aemon and Sam - Sam and Jon
  16. Welcome, newcomers, to the board! :cheers:
  17. Welcome, Hanybal! :cheers:
  18. Welcome to the boards, newcomers! :cheers:
  19. Welcome to the boards! :cheers:
  20. Welcome to the boards! :cheers:
  21. Welcome to the boards! :cheers:
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